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Loving Relationships Have These Two Things in Common

In the last article, 7 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Not Make It, I wrote about the 7 relationship skills that have a tremendous impact on your relationship. Here’s a recap: Communication. Knowing how to communicate in a healthy way makes a huge...

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7 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Not Make It

When it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, there is all kinds of advice out there. Some advice is good, and some not so good. When it comes to advice, it is important to think about the source. There are relationship “experts” who...

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What I’ve Been Up To…

Want to know one of the key factors to living your best life? Having great relationships.  Think about it: If your significant relationships with your partner, family, and/or friends aren’t great, then it  affects the other parts of your life. If relationships...

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The Two Months of the Year When Most People Divorce

When do most people file for divorce? According to recent research, the two months of the year when most people divorce are March and August. Well, at least for the state of Washington. Brian Serafini and Julie Brines from the University of Washington researched the...

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What’s One of the Best Ways to Get Through Divorce?

What’s one of the best ways to get through divorce?  According to researchers Gabriele Prati and Luca Pietrantoni (2009), posttraumatic growth following a major life crisis like divorce is fostered by having social support.  Finding a support system for yourself...

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