Unlock Your Mind for Lasting Weight Loss

Are you frustrated with dieting? Have you tried all kinds of so-called solutions that fail to create lasting change? 

Say goodbye to fad diets, deprivation, and yo-yo weight struggles. My unique approach combines hypnosis with personalized mind-body techniques to reprogram your subconscious for lifelong weight mastery.

Why work with Nicole

Finally Achieve Lasting Weight Loss Success

You've tried all the diets and quick fixes, but nothing seems to stick long-term. I understand the frustration of feeling trapped in an endless cycle of restriction and weight regain. That's why I take an entirely different approach designed to help you permanently transform from the inside out.

My program guides you through reprogramming the thoughts, habits, and subconscious patterns that have held you back for years. This isn't about willpower or deprivation. Instead, we'll realign your mind and body for lasting weight mastery.

My entire focus is on your holistic well-being and personal breakthrough, not just a number on the scale. I'm here to help you achieve food freedom, unwavering confidence, and a profound mind-body transformation.


Online personalized sessions in the comfort of your own home to help guide your unconscious mind to undergo incredible transformation. Safe, powerful, and effective.

Group Hypnosis Program

Coming soon! All the tools you need to change your life, mindset, & weight in weekly group hypnosis sessions. Have your camera on or off. Get ready for breakthroughs and transformation!

Digital Hypnosis Products

Coming soon! Listen to quality downloadable hypnosis sessions on self-esteem, confidence, abundance, weight management, sugar cravings, and so much more!

Ready to break free?

Experience Profound Transformation Through Cutting-Edge Hypnosis Sessions

If you're finally ready to make this lifelong change, I invite you to book a free consultation today. We'll discuss your vision for the life you want to create, and how my program can empower you to unlock your full weight loss potential.

No Obligation 30-Minute Strategy Session

During this no-obligation call, we'll discuss your weight loss goals and how hypnotherapy could be the key to breaking the diet cycle for good. Together, we'll map out a plan to make incredible, permanent change.

Rewire Limiting Beliefs

Hypnosis can help you access the powerful potential of your subconscious mind, allowing you to rewire limiting beliefs and behaviors. 

Change Negative Thought Patterns

By achieving a deep state of focused relaxation, hypnotherapy enables you to change negative thought patterns and cultivate positive transformations.


Does hypnosis for weight loss really work?

Yes it does! According to research, hypnosis has a 93% success rate for losing weight (Barrios, A). 

Who should not do hypnosis?

Hypnosis is considered safe for most people. There are some conditions where it may not be suitable: severe mental health issues, drug or alcohol addictions that are not in remission, and epilepsy or seizures.

How many times do you need to be hypnotized to lose weight?

You'll start seeing results in as little as 1 to 2 sessions. However, 4-6 sessions are recommended to get the best results.

How do I lose weight after 40, 50, 60 years old?

As I near 60 myself, I know how much more difficult it can be to manage weight as you get older. Your habits are long-held, you're under stress, maybe you've had a major life event, it can be hard to eat healthfully- there are so many reasons why the weight can be hard to lose, but I'm here to tell you that hypnosis can rewire your brain for long-lasting weight management success! You are worth it! 

What are some common myths & misconceptions about hypnosis?

Myth: When you're hypnotized, you're unconscious or in a trance-like state. Truth: During hypnosis, you remain fully awake and conscious. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention and relaxation that allows you to be more open to positive suggestions.

Myth: You can be made to do things against your will when hypnotized. Truth: You remain in complete control during hypnosis. A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you don't want to do. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis that requires your willingness and participation.

Myth: Hypnosis is just a form of entertainment or magic trick. Truth: Clinical hypnotherapy is a researched and approved therapeutic technique used to create positive changes in thoughts, behaviors, and habits. It's an evidence-based approach, not a magic show.

Myth: Hypnosis doesn't really work or only works on people with weak minds. Truth: Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for issues like weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, pain management, and more. Being hypnotized has nothing to do with weakness of mind.

Myth: Once hypnotized, you'll get stuck in a trance. Truth: You can bring yourself out of the relaxed hypnotic state anytime you want. The power always remains in your control as the client.


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Ready to stop the struggle? Ready to gain self-confidence? 

The path to this transformation begins the moment you decide to invest in your lifelong wellbeing. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Schedule your free 30 minute session to discover if hypnosis for weight loss is right for you.

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