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When life gets busy, we can take our loved ones for granted.  Sometimes, we can also get a little grouchy and take it out on the nearest person–your partner, your kids, or the cashier at the store.  Oh boy!  How can you make it nice for others around you? Here are 10 ways to make someone’s day:

  1. Let them know, if they are a loved one, how much they mean to you.  Tell them you love them or appreciate them or just how awesome they are.  As humans, we all need to know we matter and we are enough.
  2. Slip in a surprise note in their lunch, briefcase, car, book, or something else where they won’t find it right away, but they’ll find it that day.
  3. Pay for something anonymously. A meal, a toll, a parking meter, a tank of gas, a lottery ticket–what can you think of that would make someone’s day that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money?
  4. Celebrate a loved one’s existence by surprising them with their favorite meal or dessert.
  5. Compliment someone genuinely.
  6. Take the time to listen.
  7. Ask someone how their day was or is going.  Then, see #6.
  8. Fill up your partner’s car with gas or do something that will save them time or effort.
  9. Send flowers out of the blue to someone you care about.
  10. Call an old friend.

There are so many ways to make someone’s day (let someone go in front of you in line, read to a child)!  What can you think of? How can you make someone’s day today?  (You can make my day by leaving comments below!  Thanks!)

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