Even writing the title of this article makes me smile because it just sounds ridiculous!  However, there are people who choose to live crappy lives and they tend to have a few things in common, like:

  1. They use excuses to quit.
  2. Blame others for their issues, failures, and where they are in life.
  3. Don’t bother to set goals.  Or, they set them only to never look at them again.
  4. They create and live a more exciting life online.
  5. They have secrets–this secret may harm others (or themselves) if it were to come out so they aren’t living truthfully or authentically.
  6. They are their own worst critic–especially when it comes to self-talk.
  7. They put others down to make themselves feel better; criticize and gossip about others.  They bond with others by doing this.
  8. They let jealousy take over so they’re miserable (instead of allowing the feeling of jealousy to motivate them).
  9. They compare themselves to impossibly high standards.
  10. They don’t eat right or exercise on a regular basis.
  11. They follow the crowd; they don’t question what feels wrong.
  12. They don’t get professional help for their really big issues
  13. They surround themselves with people who are naysayers, criticizers, ne’er-do-wells, and others who aren’t going anywhere and don’t really want you going anywhere in life either.
  14. They complain about everything–and not do anything to resolve it.
  15. They are passive aggressive.  Instead of stating what they need or what hurts them, they act it out.

I don’t think people consciously set out to live crappy lives, but instead, they live their lives in default.

You don’t have to live your life in default!  You don’t have to contribute to your demise, to a lackluster life, to frustration, depression, and the like.  You have within you the ability to live an incredible life.  YOU are in charge of it.  It’s your choice.  No one else can do it for you.  No one is going to magically rescue you (although it is such a pleasure to have someone share in your wonderful life with you).

Instead of feeling sorry for what you’ve been through in life, instead of living in default, find things that will make you spring out of bed in the morning and put a giant smile on your face!

What lights you up?  Make a list.  Get in touch with those feelings that are loving and happy–not sad, angry and crappy.


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  1. Lists like the one you’ve shown are created unconsciously, I think. Although there are some people who love being victims and martyrs. 😉 It’s pretty sad, because you can easily take charge of yourself and your life, turn things around. I did!

    Happy holidays to you, and thanks for an awesome post!

    (I came via SITS Girls.)

    1. Great point! You can see how self-esteem comes into play here. When we value ourselves, it shows in how we live our lives.

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