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Ahhh stress….it feels like an old friend sometimes, doesn’t it?  Maybe you are having trouble sleeping or you’re snappier than usual.  Your family pays a price, your friends, co-workers–but who pays the biggest price?  YOU!  Your physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological health pay a price.  And you know what happens too, when you get really stressed out?  Maybe you start to eat more–munching on chips, eating that ice cream late at night…then you don’t feel good about yourself which probably adds even more to the stress.

I think it was Louise Hay who said:

“Stress is a reaction to fear.”  

You aren’t present to your everyday life, but instead you’re either projecting into the future, or stuck in the past.

When we’re born, we spend most of our time in the present.  As we grow, we lose that ability.

Staying present to what is, is the first step to combatting stress.

Here are 5 easy ways to combat stress:

  1. Take a walk in nature and be present to the beauty around you.
  2. Practice deep breathing.  When you’re stressed, you tend to breathe shallowly.  Breathe in allowing your chest and stomach to expand. Breathe in positivity.  Breathe out, allowing your stomach to come back in, breathing out all the negativity.  Do this for at least 3 times.
  3. Do something that puts you in flow–that state where you’re doing something that allows you to completely lose track of time. Or, do something different that you’ve been meaning to do.  Do something that brings you out of the habit of stressful thoughts and into being more present.
  4. Get more sleep.  Rest is naturally restorative.
  5. Exercise.  Run, practice yoga, take a walk with friends–start feeling those feel-good endorphins!

I think stress is linked to your thoughts.  When animals get stressed out in the wild, like when they are being chased for dinner, afterwards you’ll see them shake it off–literally.  Then, their heartbeat and cortisol levels go back to normal and life goes on.  They don’t attach thoughts to the chase–how unfair it is, how narrowly they escaped death, how they hope against hope it won’t happen in the future–they are present to their surroundings and in the moment.  They aren’t in the future, they aren’t in the past–take a lesson from animals and be present to what’s around you.  Leave stress in the past.