Showing appreciation is a nice way to show someone you care and are thinking of them.  Today, reach out to someone by doing or saying something kind.  Let them know:  How have they touched your life?

It takes only a moment, but lasts so much longer for the person you are giving to.  Warm someone’s heart by giving to someone else.  Pay attention to what your partner responds to; your children, your family or friends.  Appreciate them in the ways they respond best to–a hug, kind words, a small token, or a little love note.

When you think of others and how you can give back, you get “out of yourself” and all the issues you are thinking about.  By showing appreciation to someone, you let them know you think they matter and they are valuable.  What a wonderful gift!

Here are 5 different ways to show your appreciation:

  1. If it’s your partner, show them in different ways how much they mean to you.  Give them breakfast in bed with a huge hug and kiss.  Look in their eyes when you tell them you love them.  Give them a foot massage or shoulder rub.  Surprise them with their favorite meal or dinner out at their favorite restaurant.  Tell them how beautiful or handsome they are.  When you wake up in the morning, look at them and silently tell yourself “I love them!”  See if that doesn’t change the way you interact with them throughout the day.
  2. Today, surprise your kids with a note in their lunch, under their pillow, or in a book they’re reading.  Let them know how awesome they are!  Make their favorite meal or dessert with a candle on top if it–just because!  Play their favorite game with them or read to them.  Make a “date” with them and take them to their favorite store, cafe, lunch spot, movie, etc.  Be present to them even if it’s only for 10 minutes.
  3. Give someone you don’t know a compliment.  I like to have the person the same sex so the gesture isn’t misconstrued.  The cashier at the coffee shop, grocery store–they’re probably overwhelmed some days.  How nice it is to have a stranger show they care and acknowledge them.  “Love that scarf!  Where’d you get it?”  “Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me.  I appreciate it.”  Be genuine.
  4. Say it:  “I appreciate that.”  I have met so many people who focus on the negative instead of focusing on the positive.  Focusing on what you appreciate can completely change a conversation.  Your husband leave his dirty clothes around?  But, does he take out the garbage, change the oil in the car, and other things?  Focus on the good.  Tell him you appreciate him.
  5. Give something as a token of your appreciation.  Your co-worker like to garden?  How about a little plant?  Be thoughtful of your gesture and let them know you’ve put some thought into your action.  People crave appreciation.  It lets them know that what they do matters; that they matter and they’re important.

Sometimes in our lives, we have the tendency to take others–especially those close to us–for granted.  Are you taking someone for granted?  Are you focusing more on their negative aspects than on their positive ones?

When you go through life appreciating it and full of gratitude, it makes a difference in the quality of your life.

When you live your life full of appreciation, the way you look at it changes.  The gossip near the water cooler, or between your family members or friends no longer holds as much interest as does a deep appreciation for life, for people, and for experiences.  There are many people who are good at tearing people down to make themselves look better.  There are fewer people who build people up and support them to greatness.  And those are the people you want to surround yourself with.

People who have had a second chance at life, who have been deeply affected by their life’s challenges, who have had a “dark night of the soul,” know that life is too short to live it mired in pity, victim-hood, entitlement, gossip, mean-spiritedness, etc.–they focus on creating a good life full of love, connection, contribution, meaning, and purpose.