8 Ways to Reset Your Mind

Last month was soooo hectic for me! With the holidays, there's a lot of planning, entertaining, shopping, cooking, wrapping, celebrating…


As an Apple iWatch wearer, I watched my steps climb well past 10,000 steps each day just from the busyness alone!

Fitting all those extra holiday activities into my regular schedule while spending quality time with family and friends through me out of my routine.

There were times I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed out.

I struggled keeping up my daily morning ritual of getting up early to journal, meditate, and exercise. My nonprofit work was squeezed in somehow (I’m the executive director of a natural health organization– and I’m lucky to be able to work at home). I managed to squeeze in my own coaching business, too.

But boy-oh-boy, last month was certainly an exercise in work/life balance!

It can be easy to feel discouraged when life gets busy, or you (or a loved one) gets sick, for example. Life feels sped up. This time also allows us the opportunity to slow it down if we are conscious we have this choice. We can change our thoughts around all the chaos. We can change our mindset.

Somehow I managed to get all I needed to do, done. And, I stayed healthy. To feel calmer and more at peace and positive, I knew I would have to consciously reset my mindset.

Slowing down the hectic pace can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to just breathe deeply. Taking 5 minutes to slow down and focus on your body, mind, and soul. To get present in the moment and reset your mind.


Here are 8 things I do to regularly reset my mind:

  1. Listen to music. Recent research has linked music to evoking 13 key emotions. It's no wonder when you play a song that makes you happy, that you actually feel happier after you play it! So play songs that evoke the emotions you want - like energized, joyful, or at peace.
  2. Exercise. Get those endorphins flowing and your energy going! It may feel hard to motivate yourself to start, but once you get going, you'll be glad you did.
  3. Meditate. Even if you close your eyes and focus on your breath for 1-2 minutes, your brain will have a chance to slow down and your body will start to relax. 
  4. Get back into a routine. When you're off your regular routines, you can feel like your day is out of control - and maybe you feel a little out of control.  See how much of your routine you can implement back in. Routine is like a container for your daily life- when that's gone, you can feel not quite yourself. People like change and they don't like change  it's a dichotomy. Go with the flow while keeping as much of your routine as possible. 
  5. Go outside. Get your vitamin D and your nature fix. Nature is an amazingly powerful cure for stress, overwhelm, sadness, and so much more.
  6. Avoid social media and gossip sites. Check in with yourself when you're on these sites. I tend to feel "icky" afterward so I put a boundary around how much time I spend on social media. Gossip sites - I don't even go on them or on news sites.  They're way too negative for an empath like me.
  7. Take a nap. Ahhhhhh...sleep. It's amazing how much better you feel after a great nap!
  8. Practice gratitude. One of the first things I do in the morning is write an Appreciation List. It's part of my journaling process. I write down 3-10 things I'm grateful for every day. I become mindful of who or what I'm thankful for and that instantly resets my mindset.

How do you reset your mind? Leave a comment below with any tips you find helpful.

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