You deserve the best!
But, how do you choose the best?

While it's true that ANYONE can be a coach, not EVERYONE can be good! ​
Let me explain why.

How passionate am I about helping you?
Read on....

Some people are born to be doctors. Others, teachers. If you're lucky and work hard you work in a field that fits you.

I help people change their life. To do that,  I needed to invest time to develop an expertise not founded on just a "certification" but an approach grounded in research, understanding, and  expertise.

This is how I can help to manifest change in a positive and caring manner.

This is my life. This is my work. This is my passion.

I chose this field after going through a living hell of a life. And, I refused to be beaten. I'll help you.

 I  live my life the way I learned- to make life a beautiful, heart-centered place. To live life with integrity, grace, and authenticity. I don't think you can do that if you're trying to sell somebody all the time. I won't sell you.

I wasn't satisfied with getting a certificate so I went back to school to get my first Master's degree in Psychology.

​But, that was still not enough. Individual psychology left out the important dynamic of how families and relationships affect our sense of well-being and happiness in the world. So, I went back to school to get a 2nd Master's degree. This time in Marriage and Family Therapy. Here, I focused on ​how the systems that we all live in (including you) can be changed for the better.

How passionate am I about helping you?
8 years of post-graduate study and research still wasn't enough...

Then, I spent 18 months in a high-intensity internship working with all types of clients. I worked with clients in individual, couples, families, and groups settings to resolve issues from addictions to abuse to low self-esteem, and any other of the challenging human conditions we experience. I helped them get past their old road blocks and into a better place-today.

Women who had anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem felt better. Women who were in troubled relationships started to see change. Women who were involved with addictive partners were able to finally see themselves as powerful and to make changes from this place.

The results my clients got are the reason why I invested my life, my time and my money-- to help women and couples develop a better life than what they're living today.

The greatest athletes, the greatest actors, the greatest in any field surround themselves with people who can help.

You can go through life guessing at what will or won't work. Probably, what you're doing isn't working. Why would you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?

Get an expert on your side. You need a person who  supports your best.  Work with me to change your life.

Hiring me is the best investment you'll make- in YOU!

The biggest mistake people make is denying there's a problem.

As part of my training, I had to work with counselors to develop programs for my clients that work. The counselors and coaches who you want to stay away from are the ones who never looked at themselves or developed their ability to handle their own thoughts and emotions. You need someone who "walks their talk."

Work with me and ​change your life!

​No cookie cutter templates, no one-size-fits all assessments and tools. You're unique. And, I'll work to build your strengths.

GET to the heart of what really matters to you.

BUILD a solid foundation for rock-solid success and the feeling that you're finally home.


ACT on the insights and ideas generated from having the support and guidance you need.

Are you struggling? Do you ​ever feel lost? Does your life feel empty? Are you ​drifting alone? ​If ​so, you need to work with me.

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    Create clarity and a vision to get you to your goals faster. Know exactly what you want, where you're headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • angle-right
    Uncover hidden road blocks that could be sabotaging your success.
    Get the help you need to move forward. You may not even realize why it's been difficult to make lasting changes or what's been slowing you down.
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    Gain momentum and motivation.
    It's like having a fast-forward button. I'll support and guide you. I'll hold you accountable and cheer you on every step of the way. Like your own personal cheerleader with a little bit of referee thrown in!

Imagine yourself thriving, not just surviving.

Do you know what thriving looks like? What would that feel like? What would you be doing differently? What would your thoughts be like? Your attitude? Your relationships? What would change the most?

How happy are you? 

Many people have areas of their lives that just aren't working. You may be happy and satisfied in some areas, while others are lacking. How will you move forward and create your best life? Where will you be a year from today?

You could just go on to another website.
You could just continue doing what you've​ done.
You could keep living the life that you have been.
Or...You can make a call...and change your life.

You could do like Jen did. She reached out to work with me after she says she "hit a wall."

She was tired of dealing with the stress of her job and then coming home to a stressful family life.

She lacked direction and purpose.

We worked together to create a life she loves, but make no mistake-​her shift started with a phone call.

Today, her relationship is great and her work and income are in a better place. Your's can be too!

Here's what clients ​say about working with me...


26 years old

Nicole has helped me so much. My coworkers, my family, and my friends have all noticed a huge difference. I wanted to work on my anxiety and I was unhappy with my boss.  After working with Nicole, my anxiety has gone way down AND I didn’t have to quit my job. I learned that the way I was looking at it affected the way I felt about it. Sooo grateful for coaching- I should have done this sooner! 


44 years old

I was having relationship issues with my husband and I thought I would try coaching. My husband didn’t want to participate so I wasn’t sure if it would help, but I was willing to try anything. I’m so glad I did. Nicole has such a great way of listening and helping me sort out all the stuff going on in my head. I blamed my husband for a lot of my unhappiness and in hindsight, I can see how that affected the way I was toward him. Not that he’s perfect, but I definitely look at him differently now. I have the tools now, that if we get in a rut again, I’ll know what to do. And, if I don’t, I know where to go- Nicole! Best investment in myself and my relationship I could ever make. 

​Start Your New Life- Work with Nicole

​I work one-on-one with you to help you design the life and/or love of your dreams.The process of discovery will get you on track to your path.

You'll feel a sense of acceptance and caring you may have never felt before. You can do it!

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