About Nicole

Love + Life

Love + Life = Being in a relationship that is loving, healthy, long-lasting, and fulfilling and creating a life that is abundant and meaningful

Life-changing advice to help people manifest the life and relationships of their dreams.

Learn how to:

  • have quality relationships- with others and with themselves
  • create new possibilities and perspectives
  • follow and open their hearts
  • be authentic and conscious
  • be inspired by life–even by its challenges

You can have the relationship of your dreams. 

You can create an extraordinary life.

I’m Nicole Nenninger, a certified life coach with graduate degrees in psychology and marriage and family therapy. 

marriageI was married for 17 years when my first marriage ended in divorce. I learned a lot through that painful break-up.

Thankfully, I’m now happily remarried to the love of my life (pictured: Don and I on our wedding day). Our blended family includes my three beautiful daughters and his one wonderful son.  I call New York home and live in a quaint little village on the Long Island Sound. As part of the Nenninger tribe, we also have 2 Labrador retrievers (Scout and Sailor) and a cat named Purry. 

You cannot achieve true success by going it alone.

Everyone needs a coach. The greatest athletes and business leaders have coaches and mentors. If the top performers of professional sports and companies need a coach, you and I need a coach. Now, there are some things I am not an expert at and I would not be the person to coach you. But… I am an expert in relationships, divorce, communication, self-esteem, and the important interpersonal relational issues that we all have. And… I am not talking about some fake-credentialed B.S. I’m talking about decades of life training, years of academic research, two masters degrees, and successful clients. I can help you change what you think about yourself, your beliefs, and how you act so that you can have more abundance in your life. Because you deserve that. 

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