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One of the most pleasurable aspects of life is having fun, yet when you look around, it really doesn’t look like many people are.  Sometimes I like to look into other people’s cars while I’m on the road (and while I’m stopped at a light) to see who’s smiling.  I don’t see a lot of smiling drivers or passengers.  They look pretty cranky or tired to me.

Life is not meant to be so serious.  We can get so caught up in the logistics of life that we forget that it is okay to be silly, to laugh, to take time out to play or to create.  Somehow, when we reach adulthood, our sense of playfulness is lost most of the time, left behind with our childhoods.

More funThe picture to the right is of my oldest daughter Audrey, a sophomore at Notre Dame.  She wasn’t feeling great, but she wanted to take time out from her studies and from being sick to go have fun.  That’s a great way to balance life!

When was the last time you had fun?  When was the last time you laughed until you cried?  Do you schedule fun into your day or your week?  Do you know how to have fun or have you lost that ability?

As part of my marriage and family therapy program, one of my classes had us work on time management.  They’d like you to schedule your priorities into your day, and work on handling those inevitable interruptions in a responsible and assertive manner.  I think organization and structure are good, but so is spontaneity.  It’s always good to not live off the calendar sometimes.  To wake up when you want to, to have breakfast for dinner, to be curious about life and doing things differently.  Not that you don’t do those things when you abide by your organizational efforts, but stepping out of a structure can be helpful if you are not finding much fun in your life.

So what lights you up?  Being around friends or family?  Doing a sport?  Being creative?  Playing a game?  What’s fun for you?  This week, take the time to make a list of the activities that are fun–like those that you get so lost in you can completely lose track of time.  Fun doesn’t necessarily mean smiling or laughing the whole time, it can mean being so absorbed in what you’re doing, that you’re in flow.