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It’s that time of year–it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time.  For me, it means a tremendous amount of driving around for my kids (thank goodness they’re active), but I think it’s wonderful to have that one-on-one time with them.  Back to school time also has come to mean to me the start of a new year–the start of a new year of learning.  A new year of learning doesn’t have to just be designated to all the kids going back to school.  This time of year is also a chance to become more organized and self-reflective of your goals for the year ahead.

Kids aren’t the only ones learning new things–you can be learning too.

So as your kids–or if you don’t have ’em, the neighborhood’s kids–go off to school, here are some things to think about:

  • What are some things you would like to be learning this year?
  • What kinds of things light you up?
  • Are there some areas of  your life that need better organization (oh boy!  I know there is room for improvement in this area for me!)?
  • Are there some habits that are ineffectual in your life–that hold you back from living your best life?  What kinds of habits do you want to have?
  • I’ve written about the Wheel of Life exercise before, and this is a great time to assess/reassess your life.  What areas are going well for you and what areas need more attention?
  • If you were to graduate come June 2015 to a new and better level of life, what would that look like?

Use this time as a way to self-reflect on your life, and self-correct the areas that need some more focus and attention on.  Do a vision board, write out some goals and steps to achieve them.

Use this school year (the 9 months) to birth a new you.

Create your wonderful life by not just thinking about it, but by taking action on it, too.

Published by Nicole Nenninger

Nicole Nenninger MA Psychology, MA Marriage & Family Therapy Nicole is a coach (life and relationship), counselor, author and course instructor. She understands that the relationship you have with yourself reflects the overall quality of your life. In addition the relationship you have with yourself affects the relationship you have with your partner and with others. Nicole helps women in midlife who struggle with self-esteem and confidence, life purpose, life balance, motivation and direction, relationship issues, break-ups, and more. Nicole lives in a beautiful coastal town on Long Island, New York with her handsome husband and soul mate, 2 dogs and a cat. Her 4 children are young adults living their best lives. She loves running, reading, learning, kayaking, and going to the beach.

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