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Life certainly can hand you some challenges.  Let’s face it:  Sometimes you wonder what the heck you signed up for!  And yet, through it all, at the core of you is a changeless spirit–it’s not suffering, not judging, not doing or being anything but just being what is.  Your core, your essence, or what I believe to be the infinite in us all, is love. And this love can be expressed in so many ways if it is not pushed down, hidden, forgotten, etc.  Life’s challenges can certainly squash it, but they don’t have to.  Life’s lessons teach us to remember our soul, and that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves.  When we remember our soul, we express our amazing self!  When we’re struggling with the weight of the world, our amazing self gets stifled.  And the amazing part of it is–that’s your choice.  No one has the power to dim your light but you.

The title of this article is “Be Amazing” but really, you don’t have to do anything to be amazing;   I think you already are.  Some people just express it more than others.

Being amazing is really about allowing your inner light to shine–in spite of what life throws at you.

There’s beauty everywhere, including within you.  This is an amazing world we live in, and you’re a part of that.  You can make it even more amazing by not holding back your own amazingness.

Okay, how do you foster amazingness?  I think it’s about cultivating a sense of happiness.  How do you do that?  Being grateful, going to therapy if you need to to get rid of the baggage, finding meaningful work, having positive support in your life, giving back and contributing, doing things out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself, living a balanced life, and having fun.

What do you think helps you be your amazing self?  When you think of someone who’s amazing, what traits come to mind (and who comes to mind)?