EFT Tapping for Anxiety

 Do you struggle with stress and anxiety? Lately, we’ve heard a lot about this topic. With the Coronavirus in the news, many people are worried about getting sick.¬† Just so you know, anxiety is common. Did you know that anxiety affects almost 1 in 5 people and is the most commonly diagnosed mental health illness in […]

Positive Quotes

We could use some positivity in this C-Virus/quarantine world we’re living in right now!   Hope everyone is hanging in there and staying healthy. At the time I’m writing this, it looks like the US is in for 4 more weeks of shelter-in-place/social-distancing.    I work from home so my routine hasn’t changed too much. […]

Stress and Your Immune System

I’ve met maybe a handful of people during my lifetime who had amazing childhoods. Most people don’t. Most people still carry around old wounds and trauma from years and decades ago. The stress caused by not dealing with childhood stuff still affects your life, even if you try oh-so-very-hard to put it neatly away and […]

8 Ways to Reset Your Mind

Last month was soooo hectic for me! With the holidays, there’s a lot of planning, entertaining, shopping, cooking, wrapping, celebrating‚Ķ Whew! As an Apple iWatch wearer, I watched my steps climb well past 10,000 steps each day just from the busyness alone! Fitting all those extra holiday activities into my regular schedule while spending quality […]

Ditch the Holiday Stress

If you’re like me, your mind is filled with your holiday to-do list. And this to-do list feels never-ending!     Let’s see…   there are gifts to get,  cards to send out, get-togethers to plan, cooking and baking, extra cleaning, dealing with family personality issues…   It’s stressful this time of year! Here are […]

This is Why Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed Can Take Over Your Life!

Hey there! I made this video for you! When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, do you know the steps to take to get you back on your path to a more vibrant life? Are you a little more “snippy,” unhappy, or wake up not very excited to start your day? When you’re caught up […]