EFT Tapping for Anxiety

 Do you struggle with stress and anxiety? Lately, we’ve heard a lot about this topic. With the Coronavirus in the news, many people are worried about getting sick.  Just so you know, anxiety is common. Did you know that anxiety affects almost 1 in 5 people and is the most commonly diagnosed mental health illness in […]

I Tried Intermittent Fasting and Here’s What Happened

In addition to these products, I am also taking my naturopathic doctor friend’s Enzyme Support. I want to finish up by stating that I feel incredibly grateful that I could bypass the traditional medical headaches of testing, suggesting pharmaceutical medications that may lead to other medical symptoms, and other frustrations associated with that path. I […]

3 Habits You Need for Better Self-Care

Self-care is a luxury these days and the idea of caring for yourself really resonates with so many women, in particular, who are juggling to keep their work-life balance or maybe even just life- in some semblance of sanity.  This post is about the 3 habits you need to start a regular self-care routine in your life. […]

6 Short Journal Prompts that will Dramatically Change Your Life

Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool, not just for self-discovery, but for self-care. Taking the time to get to know yourself, to write down your innermost thoughts – that’s very honoring of your self and your time. Journaling is used for inspiration, reflection, gratitude, healing, knowing yourself, finding yourself… Have you ever tried to write […]

Ditch the Holiday Stress

If you’re like me, your mind is filled with your holiday to-do list. And this to-do list feels never-ending!     Let’s see…   there are gifts to get,  cards to send out, get-togethers to plan, cooking and baking, extra cleaning, dealing with family personality issues…   It’s stressful this time of year! Here are […]

Tolerating the Tolerable: How to Break Free of a Frenzied, Frustrating Life

In my book Transforming Divorce, I wrote a chapter called “What are You Tolerating?” I wrote the chapter (and book) to help women going through a major relationship breakup, to look at their lives and assess what they don’t like.   A breakup provides an opportunity, as upsetting as it is, to clean the slate […]