Creating Holiday Intentions

The holiday season is upon us. I’m writing this article right before the start of December when things start to get a little crazy. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday (love that!), and more stress to add to what can already be a stressful time of year. Gotta get the deal and save money. Oh gosh- the deal isn’t there anymore! What do I get my coworker? What would my partner want? Let’s see…mail the packages, cards, plan the meal, wrap the gifts,…

Feel stressed yet?

One of the things I love about the start of the New Year is focusing on new resolutions. It’s like being provided a blank canvas to dream about how you’ll make the upcoming year your best year yet. Yet, the end of the year, with the stress of the holidays, can create havoc in our body, mind, and spirit. We get sick more often during the holidays and we get more stressed from worrying. A whole lotta people get off track with the message of the season. Their spirituality takes a back seat to the materiality and the feeling you need to get things perfect.

Perfectionism + materialism = an extremely stressful mix.


Instead of focusing on all you have to do, to be, to have; focus on your intentions. What do you want this holiday season to be like? Do you want them to be more peaceful? Joyful? Fun? Full of happy memories?

What are your intentions for the holiday?

Do you want to look back on this time and remember how freakin’ stressful it was, or do you want to remember how lovely it was to have all your family and friends around the table? That beautiful smile on a child’s face as they saw houses lit up for the season? Wrapping a gift for someone you love and taking time to think about how much they mean to you? Writing a holiday card with a little extra in it- letting that person or family know how important they are to you. Every act, thought, word spoken can be an opportunity for love and peace.

Instead of dreading the season or stressing out, find ways to connect with your heart and with others. Give a little more from your heart and less from your frazzled brain/mind.

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