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There's a Better Way

Feel overwhelmed? Not sure about your future? When I went through a painful divorce (after 17 years of marriage), I felt lost, lonely, and afraid. Like a roller coaster of emotions, one minute you may feel at peace, but then you're pulled back into feeling sad or angry. 

I remember attending a divorce support group. In the group were women who were divorced for 2, 5- even 10 years! They were still dealing with the pain of their breakup instead of moving on, letting go, and creating a life they loved! The group wasn't doing anything for them. I won't let you do that.


They were stuck in pain and an old story. You don't have to be.


Those women spent years of their life stuck. You don't have to be. How much has this cost them? How many more years will go by of time, money, and effort spent in sadness, "what if's," and in revenge-mode? 

How I Work with Clients to Get Through a Painful Breakup

People, like breakups, are unique. One size does not fit all. Our sessions aren't from a cookie cutter template. Yet, in general, there are certain universal things you can do to help heal your heart. The following are areas we cover in our sessions:

Create a Solid Base

Create a support system that supports you, learn how to find inspiration to keep you in forward momentum, redo your daily routine, redefine what you need and what you'll tolerate, and don't forget that ultra-important part of everyday life- self-care!

Work Through Those Intense Emotions

There's anger, fear, sadness, grief--so many deep emotions vying to get your attention. Your emotions feel like you're on a roller coaster sometimes. You can learn to let go of the emotions without stuffing them down. 

Come Up With a Plan for Creating a Life You Absolutely Love

It's normal to feel lost after a breakup. You need direction, focus, motivation, guidance and a plan to pick up the pieces and envision a "you- can't-wait-to-get-up-in-the-morning" kind of life. What will you create? 

Who Am I?

Nicole Nenninger has 2 masters degrees in psychology and marriage & family therapy. She is a former co-host of Living Well, and is the author of Transforming Divorce and co-author of Warrior and Goddess in Love. Nicole has nearly 2 decades of experience helping people heal in relationships. She's worked with hundreds of clients all over the world on issues such as healthy relationships, self-esteem, confidence, and divorce/breakups.  She has a private practice in New York.

Nicole Nenninger

What are you waiting for?

The start of your brand new life begins today!

Appointments in my local office and nationally through Skype or phone.

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