Do You Dream Big?

This past winter, my daughters were excited at the thought of no school because of an impending blizzard (the whole area was abuzz with the news of an upcoming storm–another glorious, full-blown, might-lose-our-power-yet-again storm!).  How fun it’d be, they thought, to have the day off, go sledding, play with our puppy in the snow, sip hot cocoa, and then relax in front of a warm, cozy fire.  They were dreaming big!  And I hoped with all my heart their wishes came true!

How about you?  Do you dream big?  I mean, if the sky were the limit, what would you really, really want in life?  Not just the goals that you have for this year or the next one, but how about some really out-there, gotta stretch yourself kind of goals?  What do you want to have that right now sounds like a crazy, “how would I ever get that” kind of thing?

Do any of these sound good?

  • a yacht
  • a home in a foreign country
  • a home on the ocean
  • a private plane
  • to travel the world
  • an indoor pool
  • a personal chef
  • a sports car
  • a chauffeured car
  • to be on a hit tv show
  • to be featured in a major magazine
  • to be on an Oprah show
  • to not have to work
  • to get paid millions doing what you love
  • to fly to Paris to shop for clothes–on a whim
  • to have a bestselling book
  • to have a perfume named after you
  • to have a rose named after you
  • to sing at the Super Bowl
  • to play/to go to the Super Bowl
  • to donate a large sum of money to a charity you love

Okay, your turn to think of some things that you’d like.

Everyone wants success and abundance in their lives–and how you define what success is and what abundance is up to you–it’s different for everyone.  Someone may want a cozy cabin on a beautiful, quiet lake; while someone else might want a 25 room mansion in an urban area.  You may want a different dream car than your neighbor and different goals altogether from what your parents want for you.  And that’s okay.  If you allow yourself the luxury of dreaming big for YOU–you will be on your path to success and abundance.

When your goals are congruent with what your heart wants, your dreams have a much bigger chance of coming true. 

How do you reach your goals and create an amazing and magical life?  You gotta have goals!  It’s like being a ship in the harbor–you can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you’re going!

What does goal setting conjure up for you?  Boredom?  Work?  Imminent sadness/borderline depression at the thought of doing it yet again, only to have all those goals fall by the wayside while you watch others having a great life?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  It just means you need a new way.

Here are some tips to dreaming big and creating a magical, extraordinary, amazing life:

  • Create a vision for the life you crave–not one where you’re settling–make it heart-pounding good!  Dream big here!
  • Make sure your goals are heart-centered (meaning they are your own).
  • Set high goals–ones you have to stretch to achieve.  Get out of your comfort zone!
  • Always have goals–strive for more for yourself.
  • Believe!  You have to have faith–in yourself and in your vision.
  • Go for it–take action!  Wishes don’t come true when you just sit around wishing!  Up you go!
  • Feel the fear–don’t listen to it, do what scares you anyway.
  • Get rid of the blocks that sabotage your progress.  Use brain wave entrainment, hypnosis, EMDR, EFT, or other methods to break through the ineffective, unconscious beliefs that hold you back.

As a change-your-life life coach, I give my clients assignments for the week.  As a reader, I’ll give you one as well.  Ready?  You sure?  Okay:  DREAM BIG!  Reach for the stars!  Get out there and shine in life!


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