FREE New Year’s Intentions Workbook

Get this new year off to a great start using this FREE workbook! I've included lots of lists you can fill out including:

  • The Past Year List
  • My New Habits List
  • People I Admire List

...and so much more! 

This is not an overwhelmingly huge workbook, full of sheets you'll feel guilty about if you don't feel like filling them out. I've kept it simple so that when you're done, you'll have some clarity, motivation, and direction as to what you want to be/do/have in the coming new year.

For me, I love to sit by the fire on a chilly evening during the holidays and think about the answers to these lists. If there is a page or two that I don't resonate with, then I don't do it. So that being said: You do you - you know yourself well enough to know what will make a difference if you do it - or not!

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, connecting holiday season!

My holiday gift to you is the New Year Intentions Workbook. Download it by clicking the button below.

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