Happy new year to all! Wishing you success and abundance in all areas of your life!

The first of the new year is traditionally the time to sit down, assess our lives, and based upon our assessments, create goals and resolutions to help create an extraordinary life.  We look to the past to see what can change for the future.  I like to use the Wheel of Life for goal–setting exercises because it encompasses your whole life, not just a sliver.

The Wheel of Life exercise is a helpful tool on the journey towards a balanced, authentic, and fulfilling life.  If you’re not familiar with this popular coaching exercise, the wheel is comprised of 8 different areas that are assessed on a  scale of 0 to 10, with zero being unsatisfactory (aka “crappy”) and ten being highly satisfactory (amazing!).

coaching exercisesYou begin the exercise by ranking each of the categories: Career, Health, Family and Friends, Money/Finances, Fun! and Recreation, Romance, Personal Growth, and Physical Environment on the wheel as they presently exist in your life.

There’s a blank wheel below if you would like to use different categories than those suggested here.

Some of my clients are newly separated or divorced and feel uncomfortable rating the romance section. I have them rename that section as romancing or loving yourself.

Off the top of your head, without time to think about and rationalize your answers, give each area a score from 0 to 10, with 0 being the worst to 10 being the best. Use the list below or create your own.



_____Family and Friends


_____Fun! and Recreation

_____Romance/Loving Yourself

_____Personal Growth

_____Physical Environment

Coaching exercisesUse the wheel to the left if you want to use a blank wheel.   Add other categories if you do not like the ones provided. This is your life–feel inspired to use categories that resonate with you; in any way that feels right for you! The importance of this exercise is to figure out and actually see before you which areas are not being fulfilled in your life today.

After you have assigned each category a number from 0 to 10, find the corresponding section, put a dot on the spoke where you have ranked it, then connect each section on your wheel. Gradually you will see a lop-sided wheel taking shape. Seeing your problem areas visually produces a clearer picture of your life and what areas need attention.

How did your wheel turn out? It doesn’t even look like a wheel, does it? Which areas need the most nurturing? Why did you rank some of them low and some higher? What were your reasons? What area(s) can you start working on today?

There may be a number of areas to work on. Choose to work on the ones you consider most important. One category may need more attention than another, but maintain effort in all of them so none will be neglected. Some areas will need more effort than others will.  Look at each category carefully and decide what would bring the score up to a nine or ten. What does a ten look like to you?

If you choose one category to work on, it will have an impact on the other categories. For example, if you concentrate on finding a career that you love or bringing passion into the one you already have, you’ll find that your passion will spill over into other areas of your life. If you choose to make your physical environment nicer for yourself, then that will make a difference in how you feel inside your home, which will carry over into other parts of your daily life. If you concentrate on your health, you’ll notice as you start feeling healthier, you will have more energy to tackle the other areas of your life. All of these areas are affected by one another.

The Wheel of Life exercise provides you with the opportunity for a time of self-discovery and of self-mastery. This could be the beginning of your journey to fulfilling your lifelong dreams—dreams you may have put on hold. Use this exercise as a catalyst to take your life to the next level.

Improve your life as you would like it—define it by your own terms.

What if you don’t have the financial means to bring your wheel of life up to all 10’s?  Make a dream list. Write your dreams and goals down either using a document on your computer or on a piece of paper. Writing it down starts the process of bringing those things into your life.

Put pictures up on a vision board of what a 10 would look like for each category on the wheel.

Imagine what being, doing, and having those things you’ve always wanted would feel like to you. Close your eyes and imagine for a minute if all those categories were 9’s or 10’s. What would it feel like to be in great shape, to be working at a job that you loved, to have a wonderful and loving relationship, to be in a nicely decorated home, or to be financially secure? If you were living an abundant life—in all ways—wouldn’t it feel amazing?

So the next question is: What is your why? What will be your motivation for getting your scores up to 9’s and 10’s? You have to have a big enough why or you’ll settle for the dull, aching pain of being comfortable and staying right where you are.

Everyone has a comfort zone—but you have to push yourself out of it in order to grow- and grow BIG!

So what is your why? Is it for peace of mind, to experience less stress, to get more out of life, to become your best self, to have financial security, the love of your life, awesome vacations, a be a role model for others, to contribute more to the world…? What will be your motivation—or motivations—to continue this process of becoming your best self? What will keep you going? You are ready for growth and action because you wouldn’t be reading this book, but are you ready to sustain it—to really give it your all until you reach 10’s in all categories? And are you willing to keep up the maintenance once you are living your dream life? For example, we’ve all heard of people who lose weight, but they aren’t able to maintain the weight loss. They end up gaining it all back—and then some! You are going to have to value yourself enough to believe that you are worth it and that you can do this. Make the commitment—to you! Many people get so inspired by going to workshops, listening to motivational recordings, or reading motivational material but the motivation fizzles out. You can continue to be motivated if you make a commitment to stick through it even when it gets hard or boring. Or, hire a coach or enlist the help of supportive people who can help you achieve your dream goals.

Many people begin addressing their life issues when they have been given a second chance at life or they have been told they don’t have much longer to live. Don’t let that be your motivation and inspiration to make the most of your life! We all have a mortal deadline! We may not be aware of when that is, but one thing is for certain: we all have a certain amount of time in which to accomplish our dreams and what it is we came to do in this lifetime.

Lastly, don’t judge or beat yourself up if you have neglected certain areas. And, don’t feel guilty if you begin to spend more of your time focusing on yourself instead of others. You are worth it. When you are balanced—in all ways including body, mind, and spirit—you can’t help but affect those around you. Those people who are your cheerleaders/coaches in your life will support you and build you up. There may be people in your life that will not be happy with your growth. If they put you down or try to sabotage your growth, you may want to consider having a talk with them about how they can support you in a positive way or you may want to limit the time you spend with them.

So this is my New Year’s gift to you–the Wheel of Life exercise.  I hope when you use it, you’ll be inspired to live with more abundance.  I also offer an e-book for the Wheel of Life exercise, where I coach you through each area of your life through thought-provoking exercises meant to stimulate, inspire, and motivate you toward greater success.  For more information on the Wheel of Life E-Book, click here:  Shop.

Happy New Year–may you have a year full of miracles, abundance, and success.