Harmony. 1.  agreement; accord; harmonious relations.  2.  a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity (from dictionary.com).  Harmony is also used to refer to music; t’s the blending of chords that produces sound that is pleasing to listen to.

Harmony at home.  Where individuals in a home create a place that is pleasant to be in.  Where the energy of your relationships are appreciative, loving, peaceful, and positive.  Where individuals are an interdependent team; flourishing on their own, and flourishing together.  Like a symphony, individuals, couples, and families can create a beautiful energetic experience for one another in the personal space of home.

family lifeHarmony at home.  Like a house, it needs a foundation.  This foundation is made up of appreciation, gratitude, love, and positivity.  You also need healthy communication, honesty, emotional connection, interdependence, peacefulness, sharing, and fun.  For adults, it also includes the ability to claim 100% responsibility for your experience, healing your wounds, continued growth, shared values, sharing of your lives, and consciousness and awareness.

Harmony at home.  Like a symphony, the individual notes and chords produce a beautiful sound and melody.  If one part is off, there is discordance.  In a family, that part can be the amount of negative interactions outweighing the positive, a person’s attitude, dysfunctional ways of communicating, a lack of meaningful rituals…Many things–emotions, body language, communication patterns, negativity–can ruin the harmony in your home. Something else to think about too:  The disharmony you see on the outside, may be a reflection of the way you’re feeling inside.

If you want harmony at home, the first place to begin is within yourself.

Here are some ways to create a more peaceful home that embodies your concept of harmony:

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