How to Boost Your Self-Esteem, Part 3

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”
― Mark Twain

In the first two articles of this series, How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and How to Boost Your Self-Esteem, Part 2, we went over what self-esteem is and you learned 10 tips to help you really shine and show up in life. 

In this last article, you'll learn 5 more tips to boost your self-esteem and build your confidence. I'll start where we left off, at tip #11. 

how to get confidence

Tip # 11: Keep Commitments

Not many people think about how honoring your commitments affects your self-esteem. It does!

When you don't follow through on a favor, for example, that a friend asked you to do, you often feel pretty bad about yourself. You told them you'd do something, then you flaked out. For example, your friend asks you to water her plants while she's gone and you "forget" and don't feel like doing it. She comes home and she's mad! All her plants died! Yikes!

You may get defensive, but chances are, you feel "less than" for not following through on your word. 

Commitments to a weight loss and exercise goals, commitments to your relationship and staying loving and faithful, commitments to your family...there are so many commitments you make in your day-to-day life. When you don't follow through, this chips away at your sense of well-being. 

Commitments, whether large or small, matter. You "fall off the wagon" and eat a bag of chips - get back in there and follow through on your commitment to be healthy! You drop the ball on your friend - apologize and do better! Show up and do your best. Show up and honor your commitments. You'll feel better about yourself when you have the discipline to rely on your own word.

Tip #12: Honor Your Integrity

When you think of someone who has integrity, you think of someone who is ethical and honest. Someone who is authentic. They have high moral principles and they don't compromise on these. People with low self-esteem want people to like them, so they change who they are to meet what they think other people want. Their sense of self-worth is tied into what other people think. Because of this, they can flip-flop on their values and ideals instead of standing true to who they are. The people-pleasing compromising diminishes self-esteem.

For example, Jane is going out on a date. She meets her date at the restaurant and she notices her date has already had a few drinks at the bar.  


Tip #13: Have Fun

I like this one! Think about what happens when you are having fun. Do you lose track of time? Are you so engaged in what you're doing, you stop being self-conscious? Are you just more authentically you?

Fun creates more joy in your life and the ability to lose the mask and just be yourself. When you're a kid and playing, you don't worry about what others think of you - you are just so wonderfully present, thinking and feeling joy.

I think the more joy, play, and fun you have in your life, the more you lose the self-consciousness. You're too busy being active and being happy!


Tip #14: Try Hypnosis or EFT to Remove the Blocks

You've got low self-esteem, you're reading all these tips, but you're thinking - okay, Nicole, sounds great, but I don't think that's even going to put a dent in how much I have to raise my self-esteem. 

To that I say, try research-proven hypnosis or EFT to help These tools will help you break through the unconscious beliefs that may be sabotaging your self-worth and confidence and holding you back from living your dream life.


Tip #15: Stop Putting Yourself Down

By now you realize that your own thoughts are getting in the way of a higher self-esteem.

Your self-talk can empower you or disempower you. Your mind can work for you or against.

You wouldn't talk to a loved one the way you talk to yourself, so why put yourself down? This has become your default, but it doesn't have to be. You have complete control over your thoughts. Once you become aware of this, take steps to do something different (see Tip #2 Remember Your Worthiness).

Besides the thoughts in your head, what about times when you put yourself down to others? "I'm not that great at that." "My hips are too big." "I'm not that smart." There are millions of ways you can put yourself down - including even deflecting compliments! When someone compliments a person and they say something like "This dress? I look so fat in this!" or something like that. Instead of recognizing and acknowledging it, they already take the step to negate it for themselves.

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem Part 1 and Part 2 of How to Boost Your Self-Esteem have tons of tips to help you gain self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. 

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