How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals To Create An Amazing Life

Some people have not heard yet of the concept of reverse engineering your goals or your life. So, let’s start out with the definition of reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering your life means looking at your life from the end, thinking about the results you want, then working backward from this end point to the present and figure out the process to get there.

Reverse engineering your goals means to look at a goal and work backward from the end result to the present and figuring out the process to get there.

When you think of reverse engineering your life, consider what you would want said about you at your funeral. Consider the goals you want to have accomplished, how you impacted people and the community, how much you had grown and learned in your lifetime, how healthy and mobile you were, and more.

Let’s also say you create a bucket list for your life and by the end of your life you wanted to accomplish 50 amazing dream goals.

On your bucket list, one of the dreams you would like to come to fruition is to take a trip to see every major league baseball team play in each of their respective stadiums in the US.

There are 30 stadiums in the US. You plan on visiting 3 new stadiums a year. In 10 years you will be able to check this item off your bucket list!

Starting from 10 years from now, make a list of the 3 stadiums you will visit – with the last stadium you visit, you decide, being the most important for you. Then work your way down.

An example of reverse engineering a goal would be weight. Let’s say you’ve got a wedding or class reunion to attend a year from now. In 12 months, you want to lose 25 pounds. That’s about 2 pounds a month. That’s completely doable! However, keeping in mind that the hardest pounds to lose seem to be the last 5-10, maybe you want to consider losing the bulk of the weight in the beginning months, and using the remaining months as extra allowance for weight loss not attained – and also maintenance of that weight.

Start from 12 months from now and create a monthly, then weekly breakdown of what you need to do. Create goal weights for each month, weekly exercise goals (4 times a week of cardio, 3 of weight training, 2 times yoga, for example), and rewards along the way.

Some questions to consider when you reverse engineer your life:

What if you only had 6 months to live? How would that simplify things for you?

If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you do with that money?

If you asked the people closest to you what they thought your #1 goal was in life, what would they say?

4 steps to reverse engineering your life:

Step 1: Start at the end with your goal(s)

Step 2: Work backwards to present day

Step 3: Fill in the steps along the way

Step 4: Use this template and adjust as needed

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