If You Could Give Your Divorce a Song Title What Would It Be?

Okay, so this post, “If You Could Give Your Divorce a Song Title What Would It Be?” is not my usual kind of post.  It is not necessarily enlightening and it’s not informative, but hey–sometimes you gotta lighten things up especially when it comes to divorce!  Divorce is a major life challenge–at least for most people–but it doesn’t have to be all serious all the time.

Usually I like to provide you, the reader, with some good, practical take-aways.  When you read one of my posts, it’s my hope you learn something or you are able to see something from a different perspective.  This post, well, I’m not going in that direction.  I want to know and I’m really curious about

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Or, if you can’t think of what you would call it, is there a song out there that reminds you of your divorce or ex?

What song reminds you of your divorce or break-up?

In the very beginning of my almost 3-frickin’-year divorce process (divorce in New York takes a long time–no one told me that but I’ll let you know straight up–if you live in New York, prepare for a loooooong time to get things settled.  Especially if there’s a lot of financial stuff to go over), (and back to what I was sayin’…) I listened a lot to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”  Gosh, I loved that song!  I would play it everyday at least once to remind myself to stay strong and steady.  I also played Josh Groban’s song “You Are Loved.”  That song was a reminder to me that even if my ex fell out of love, it didn’t mean I wasn’t lovable. Remember that for those of you on the receiving end of a break-up.

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divorcedHow about you?  What songs do you play? Or past tense:  What did you play?  What would you title a song that is about your divorce?  And, dare I ask, why?  Leave a comment down below.

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