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Just How Amazing Do You Think Midlife Can Be?


Inner Illumination

A Midlife Makeover Course to Transform Your Midlife to Your Best Life (from the Inside Out!)

The perfect course for women in their 40s & 50s who feel overwhelmed, are out-of-balance, lack purpose and motivation, and want a ton more energy. 

I remember what it was like, at 38 years old, feeling completely bored, confused about my life's purpose, lacking meaning, worried and stressed...wondering...

"Is this all there is?" 

Little did I know that that boredom and discontent would turn to a complete obliteration of my life as I knew it.

It started the day after my 39th birthday. My brother called me very early in the morning. I sat down on my bed to hear him trying to hold it together. My 26 year-old brother, his twin, died in a traffic accident. That day was his baby shower. I remember people coming to the shower not knowing he was gone. He never got to see his first child, a son, be born.

I was devastated. I turned to my husband for comfort, but our relationship wasn't like that. We'd grown distant and apart. He worked all the time and with the money he earned, began dressing better, buying a sports car, and going out to bars more. Let's just say he started off his midlife looking like the proverbial poster child. 

I turned to therapy with a counselor who specialized in EMDR. I learned EFT/tapping. I went inward and began the inner work and undoing the childhood crap that I had gone through.

Oh, and add to that what was soon to be PTSD from the complete and sudden breakdown of our 17-year marriage- which was on the heels of the death of my beloved grandfather. 

Two deaths in a year of very loved, loved ones combined with finding out my ex-husband was having an affair. The affair ended our marriage, which was pretty much dead-on-arrival anyway. You can't have a truly intimate relationship with someone who hides that they're gay. The affair? With a man, his "best friend." In hindsight, I should've known, but I'd had so much trauma from childhood, I really wanted the Cinderella/fairy tale to be my reality. (don't go for the fairy tale. You'll end up living someone else's fantasy).

My world fell apart. I was in shock. I didn't eat, barely slept, barely functioned for 2 weeks. I saw my therapist every other day. It was my dark night(s) of the soul that I had heard so much about.

I didn't stay in shock long because I was now a single mother of 3, with no college degree and no job.

Thankfully, after my grandfather passed away, a month before my marriage disintegrated, I signed up to complete my Bachelor's degree. I was also training for a half-marathon. I wanted to greet my 40th birthday well on my way to my degree and a PR for a great race under my belt.

I didn't want to take my precious life for granted anymore.

My midlife crisis started innocently enough. I began to feel sad, depressed, discontent, and dissatisfied with my life.

Many women in midlife feel that way. They're underwhelmed.

Or, they can be the opposite and overwhelmed- they've lost sight of their work/life balance, their goals, their dreams, their vision. 

With the death of my brother, I was thrust into all-out crisis. I felt compelled to work not only on my grief, but on my unresolved childhood trauma of the early death of my mother, subsequent abuse, neglect, and other issues that had presented significant challenges in my life.

My midlife challenges planted me smack-dab in the middle of a full-blown crisis.

  • Who was I? 
  • What would I do with the rest of my life?
  • How can I show up and be an inspiration to my family?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • How can I honor my loved ones' legacies? 
  • Is it too late to__________?

I have worked incredibly hard on myself, on my education and knowledge, and with my clients over this last decade.

My mission is to help women become their best selves and to live their best lives. You're way too valuable to not shine your light on the world. 

Many women don't even recognize how much the midlife transition affects them. They become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The stress and anxiety? Oh, that's nothing.

The emptiness? It'll go away.

My childhood crap? If I don't think about it, it doesn't exist and it's not affecting me.

I'm here to say, the more you try to bury that stuff, the more it tries to get your attention in oh-so-not pleasant ways. Ways like mindless eating, conflict, gossip, anxiety, sadness, headaches and body aches. Your mind is smart - it'll try to get the message to you no matter how much you try to shut it down. 

How do I know? Been there, done that.

Can I ask you something?

  • What would it feel like to not have thoughts of discontent? Of being overwhelmed? Of thinking that maybe the best of life is behind you?
  • How would your life be different if you were acting from an internal compass that guided your choices by your own values, needs, and priorities? Do you even know what these are for you?
  • How would you be different if you knew your life purpose and your life had meaning - you were impacting others with your own unique gifts and message? 
  • How would your life be different if you woke up in the morning with tons of energy and vitality because you were going toward your goals- and you could visualize your future as clear as day? You had hope and faith in an amazing future!

Inner Illumination is a life-changing course that contains everything you need to transform your midlife so you can dramatically change you - from the inside out.

You can finally have the happiness, peace-of-mind, and inner confidence to shine your light and make an impact on the world.

Inner Illumination is a one-of-a-kind course like no other out there on the market!

Have you lost your spark and your vitality?

Do you wonder if the best years are behind you?

Midlife doesn't have to be a struggle!

I'll show you how to stop the overwhelm, squash the lack of energy, get back your vitality and joy, and to show you how to find your way, your purpose, your dreams...

This course gives you all the tools you need to not just survive midlife- but to thrive!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

8 Power-Packed Lessonss

Every module builds on the one before it. You'll see a positive impact on your life using these proven-to-work tips, tools, and strategies


Module 1: Introduction & Visioning

This module includes the introduction (what you can expect from the course) and the first lesson of the course, what I call "Visioning." I'll show you how to envision a bright future so that you're well on your way to creating your dream life. It takes @67 days to make a habit stick. That's why we're starting with this topic first! Lock on to your future from day one, and by the time you've completed your lessons, you'll be in such a great space to review just how far you've come!


Module 2: Looking Back with Fondness

Next, in this lesson, you'll be working on your past. To make peace with your past is to bring this peace forward into your future. This process isn't difficult- nor does it need to be. When you reconcile your past, you create space then for better things to come in. I'll show you a simple way to move past old hurts that you can use from now on when you encounter more pain in your life.


Module 3: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

This is another lesson on the past that focuses on emotional pain and experiences. I know from personal experience that you can't ignore your past even if you really, really want to. It's more painful to carry/bury it than it is to process it and move on. Trust me, I know. Here, I'll teach you a technique that is proven to help you process the pain (as in research, client, and me-proven) so you can begin to live with an open heart and expansive life. 


Module 4: Changing Your Life from the Inside Out

This lesson is based on changing habits. By middle age, you likely have habits that are decades old. Just because there's years of habitual thinking, being, and doing; it doesn't mean that you can't change things. You'll learn what to change, how to change it, and what habits you'd like instead.


Module 5: Creating a New Baseline

This module is all about creating your best life as you want it to be. You'll learn some things about yourself that you've likely not thought of, plus how to incorporate all this new stuff into your daily life. You're really going to start solidifying how to take action on all this learning and implementing it into your day. 


Module 6: How to Raise Your Vibe and Change Your Mindset

This is the most popular lesson because so many of my clients want to know this right from the beginning. This is the spiritual woo woo stuff I love to share and that I live by. This alone can change your life. There are so many ways to raise your vibration - and you can use that knowledge to change your mindset, too.  I'll share the journal prompts I use and other fun tips to get you up, up, up into happiness zone!


Module 7: How to Take Control of Stress & Anxiety

This is also a popular lesson! Many people struggle with stress and anxiety in their lives (which can lead to all kinds of health and relationship issues). You can learn to lessen if not eliminate stress from your life by using the methods in the course. Imagine what your life would be like if you didn't have to deal with overwhelming stress? How much would your life change? 


Module 8: Finding Your Big Why and Your Compass for Life

Often in midlife, you lose sight or give up on your goals. Your life lacks purpose and meaning. This is very much a traditional coaching lesson. I'll provide you with coaching exercises to pinpoint your life purpose, values, and we'll use the Wheel of Life exercises to nail down the areas of life that are lacking for you. And, we'll get you started on your road map to a future - a future where you shine your light on the world in your own unique way.


Hey- It's Bonus Time!

You ever take a course and there's no workbook, just videos?

No contact with the course creator? (Like, "Hey! I'm alone here!")

No Facebook community to interact and connect with?

Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen here...

The workbook will help cement in what I'm teaching you in the course. The repetition of the lessons plus digging in and doing the thinking work behind them...invaluable! You don't learn as much by passively watching or even reading something by itself. 

The 1:1 call will help you get clear on your vision and future goals. Plus, you'll be able to get off the call inspired to take new, more directive actions. I mean, who here likes to take action and it's really just re-action - no real intention or inspiration behind it. Talk about spinning your wheels! And, hey - you get to talk with me 1 on 1! Yay! I love connecting with all my tribe - course attendees and clients alike!

The Facebook community is for those who want to be part of a tribe of people who are positive and supportive. One of the best ways to grow is to surround yourself with people who are growing themselves (and maybe a little ahead of you), and are positive and supportive.

Bonus 1
Complete Course Workbook

The Inner Illumination workbook is really, what I call a "play book." It is a road map- and a fun one! (hence, the word "play") to what your life will look like. It's all the gems of the course all rolled up into one giant showpiece of exercises, tips, tools, and strategies that will help you transform your midlife into something truly amazing!

The workbook contains a lot of the material I use with my private clients. It's proven to work, because I've seen clients' lives change because of what you'll be learning, too.

Value: $127

Bonus 2
FREE 1:1 Goal-Setting Call with Nicole

I charge $250 per hour for 1 on 1 sessions-this alone is so worth it to sign up! 

I'll help you get clarity on what it is you really, really want and you'll receive clarity on how to start going after whatever it is that lights you up.

This piece alone will help you achieve even more than what you’ll be doing in the course on your own.

Value: $250

Bonus 3
Awesome & Amazing Facebook Group of Like-Minded People Just Like You!

Truth: I was never really into Facebook until I started finding groups that I resonated with and fit in with. When you find your tribe and can relate to what they're saying - wow! What a great experience! 

In this pandemic world we live in, it's more important than ever to stay connected and be surrounded by loving, like-minded women. The support is invaluable as is the friendship and camaraderie. 

Value: Priceless

About The Course Teacher,
Nicole Nenninger

As a coach, counselor, course creator, and author; I know what it's like for women who hit midlife. I know the overwhelm many feel; I know the underwhelm many feel.

Most of you hopefully will be spared the huge, all-out midlife crisis that can come from a life challenge (like divorce, illness or death of a loved one). My midlife awakening began around the time my 17-year marriage ended abruptly.

Midlife has a way of changing the direction of our lives (for better or worse). This is a huge turning point. You can create something amazing from this point forward, or you can continue to spin your wheels. Let me help.

This course is created just for you- to help you get out of the quagmire of midlife. It's based on years of education and professional and yes, personal experience. I've included research- and client-proven tips, tools, techniques and strategies that will propel your life in an amazing direction. Why keep dragging yourself out of bed in the morning, waiting for something different to happen? You have the power to change your life (yeah, I know, that sounds rather cliche, Nicole). Your journey starts here.

coach and author
coach and author

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Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!
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