Are You a Woman Who Wants More?

Are you lonely? Are you worried about money? Unhealthy? Are you tired of failure?

STOP! Stop right now!

Do Something Different...

I'll Teach You How to Reach the Goals that Matter to You

Don't waste your time repeating what didn't work last year.

It didn't work then & it's not gonna work now.

You Can Be a Goal Star!

A Proven Goal-Setting Program Designed for Women 


Hi, I'm Nicole Nenninger. I work with clients all over the world to change their lives. These women struggled, tried and failed to meet their goals- just like you- ​and I showed them a better way. ​

​I'm both a certified life coach and counselor with 2 advanced masters degrees. The first in Psychology and​ the second in Marriage and Family Therapy​. I worked with individuals, groups, and couples. I know what works for setting and reaching goals and I'm here to help YOU reach yours.

Look, if reaching your goals ​just took buying a pretty new planner or following  traditional goal-setting methods​ you would have already met your goals and be feeling fulfilled and successful. But, you're not.

But, that type of planning doesn't work for many women and that's not your fault!

Some of you reading this might be thinking..."Oh thank God! I'm not the only one who fills out these planners and then realizes, a year later, that I didn't accomplish my goals."

Still others may be thinking..."Well, those planners are supposed to work to create your best life. How can you say they don't work when so many people buy them?"

​Because... for many clients.... They... Just....Don't ...Work....

Guess What! For Some Women

Traditional Goal-Setting Doesn't Work! That's Frustrating!

But...Here's the Good News!

​I'll show you how to stop doing what doesn't work like filling in preformatted planners, making bullet lists, filling out goal-setting worksheets (created by men who don't understand a woman's holistic needs) and show you how to get past the lack of clear goals and a strategy, confidence, and mindset to get there...

​I'll show you step-by-step how to set and reach the goals that matter to YOU, using a customized pro​gram that gives you a clear vision of your future and the motivation to follow it through. 

Planners have exploded in popularity.

They are pretty and cool looking and everyone is doing the same thing- But that same thing doesn't work for EVERYBODY.
Let them paste stickers, fill out worksheets, and create lists.

 Let them plan out steps, make goals, create rewards, and more and more and more bullet lists!

If that doesnt work for you why continue? To what end?

Guess what? If you're like most of my clients.....Thegoals you have for 2020 are the same goals from last year, and the year before, and the year before that!

Most of those goals are repeated from last year- and will not be fulfilled- Unless you do something new!
​Since planners aren't working, how do you know what will?

​My program will show you the huge missing piece to goal-setting that will stop you from repeating the same old mistakes year after year.

Think about how much not meeting your goals has cost you...

Are you just going to repeat all that goal-setting and New Year's resolutions planning again? Are you going to just repeat the old process that leaves you frustrated, angry, and feeling like you failed again

I have also ​failed to reach my goals and I was so, so frustrated. Angry even. 

No matter how many planners I used, how many goal-setting formulas, books, courses, & planners I tried that stuff didn't work for me.

​Learning to make changes took a long time to figure out.

Yet, without that trial and error, I wouldn't have discovered what DOES work!  

And now, I've taken all the best goal-setting methods I ​used with my clients and created

Be a Goal Star! 

A Program Designed for Women on How to Set and Reach Goals that Really Matter

One year from now, will you look back with regret?


One year from now will you ​have made the changes you want so badly?

8 Weekly Course Modules

You will receive a new module every week for 8 weeks.

Each of these power-packed lessons contains all you need to succeed in 2020 - and beyond!

At the End of​ Be a Goal Star Program,

​You'll Have Accomplished...


A list of meaningful, targeted goals that really matter to you. And, the vision and motivation to see them through.


A plan and strategies for how to achieve them. Based on what's worked for me - professionally and personally.


Unique and powerful tools for creating your best self and life. Proven tools you can use over and over again for goal achievement and work/life balance.


A repeatable process you can use in the future for goal-setting, resolution-making success! Use this program year-after-year, goal-after-goal.

​Here's What's Inside ​The Program


Module 1: Goal Setting

Ever wonder why past goal setting and past resolutions didn't work? Learn how to clarify and prioritize your goals, come up with a plan that really works, and gain the momentum you need to achieve your goals.

(Value $500)


Module 2: Find Your Purpose and Your "Why"

Stop wasting time and effort on things that aren't aligned with you and your purpose. Discover the compelling reasons why you want your goals and how to use this in goal setting. 

(Value $500)


Module 3: Daily Habits and Routine

Create a daily routine that supports your best new life and cut out the habits that are holding you back. Get clear on what your habits are, what you want them to be, and how to have more control over your day.

(Value $500)


Module 4: Beliefs

In week 4 you'll focus on specific beliefs that will empower your mind and begin to rewire your thoughts for success. 

(Value $500)


Module 5: Balance

Then in week 5 you'll move on to balance. What is the optimal work-life balance? And how will create it and sustain it in your life?

(Value $300)


Module 6: Law of Attraction

The 6th week is my favorite! I've recently learned a brand-new method of manifestation that really works! We'll use this powerful technique with your new goals to have you living your best life in record time!

(Value $500)


Module 7: Energy to Get Things Done

In the 7th week, you'll learn how to get the energy you need to get things done. I've learned a lot of energy techniques through my training. These are some of my favorites! 

(Value $300)


Module 8: Clear the Clutter

And lastly, let's clear the clutter! Marie Kondo is popular for a reason - her methods for clearing clutter work! It feels great to clear your physical space - and it doesn't have to be difficult.

(Value $300)

Total Value = $3,400

Your Price = $197 

1-Time Charge!

About ​Your Instructor, Nicole Nenninger

Hi, I’m Nicole Nenninger. I have advanced degrees in psychology and marriage and family therapy. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients from single women who felt that they couldn't handle life stresses, to couples who were absolutely sure there was no help for their relationships (there was!), to groups of drug addicted men having trouble with  the law,  couples at the brink of divorce, women struggling with self-esteem issues and depression.


I’ve helped all those people change their lives. And I can help you. With over a decade of coaching and counseling experience working with clients around the world, I can help you too.

I didn't always have a wonderful life. And believe me-something had to change!

I used th​is exact program to create an amazing life! A little over 10 years ago, I was desperate. I was a single mom of 3 with no college degree, divorcing with no money, no future, ​unhealthy and no relationship. I tried organizing my life with planners and nothing worked! Finally, after ​tons of trial and error, research and work in the counseling field I found the secret of how and why people can change their lives and I want to share that with you today!

Using the exact same program, I set and reached goals of running a half marathon, completing my undergraduate degree (plus two masters degrees in subjects I absolutely LOVE: psychology and marriage and family therapy!) Raised 4 high achieving, happy children. Run ​almost 100 races. I’m married to the love of my life. My work and research has been quoted in major publications. I co-hosted my own television show. I’ve written books and created e-courses. And, I am the executive director of a nonprofit health and professional organization. All because of this program.

​Now, when I set a goal, I’ll reach it. And, so will YOU!

This program is such a bargain! I want to help you change your life just like I did with my clients. I normally charge clients $250 an hour. You get the best of all my tips, tools, and strategies on how to set goals that matter most, and yes, actually achieve them for just $197.00. You just can't get a life-changing program for less,

​You have what it takes to make your goals and dreams come true!

100% 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee​

I know you are going to love this course!

But, If you aren't satisfied  for any reason - we'll refund the purchase price.