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In my old life with my ex, I would spend my Saturdays mainly with my kids–which is fantastic, but it is a lonely life for a wife.  My ex would get up early and head to work.  Usually it was for half the day so he’d be home in the afternoon, but it left me yearning for the family experience I was so wanting to create.  I felt like the mom and the dad during my old life (I spent a lot of vacations alone too–and sometimes even when he was with the family).  The girls and I did have fun though.  I can’t remember our Saturdays in particular, but I, for the most part, have always been hands-on and very present for our kids despite the quality of my first marriage.  As a side note:  Divorce has provided my ex with lots of time with our kids.  Divorce may be hard for them, but they have their dad in their life and they actually see him a whole lot more now compared to when we were married.

ways to relax and unwindMy old life seems like a lifetime ago.  My Saturdays now involve waking up, going for a run with my new husband–usually on a trail with our chocolate lab Scout, dropping off and picking up a kid at track practice if that’s in season, coming home and making a big breakfast, having my father-in-law over for breakfast and connecting with him, then trying to avoid the computer all day long (I’ve been fairly successful these last few months).  I’ll garden, read, clean, organize, putter, and/or go to the library.  Sometimes we’ll head to the beach with Scout and let her swim for a little.  In the summer months, we try to get to the beach to swim and read or to kayak.  Last Saturday we took our kids to an arboretum (see picture).  They were the only teenagers there, but they have acquired my love of being surrounded by nature and beauty.

My perfect Saturday involves nurturing my spirit and replenishing my soul.

It’s hard during the week because of all the activities going on–mine included–to get together even for a meal sometimes.  But Saturday is my relax, de-stress, and breathe day.  By practicing this, I model for my kids how to do this as well.

You only have a certain amount of Saturdays in your lifetime–make sure your days (each day!) is filled with the intention of truly living life to the fullest!  Have fun!

I’d like to know:  What is your perfect Saturday like?