New Year (and Decade), New Beginning

To most of you, the beginning of a new year means a fresh beginning. A chance to start anew. How amazing is that, that we have the ability to reflect (and act) on our future?

Actually, at any point in time, we have this ability. Some people do goal-setting around the time when their kids go back to school in September. Others do goal-planning weekly or monthly. Their fresh starts begin when they want them to – not according to a yearly ritual on New Year’s.


Extreme blank slate opportunities happen when you’re confronted with a major life transition. For example, I had an extreme blank slate opportunity when I went through a divorce. For others, it may be an illness or death in the family. Or, you have an empty nest.

Regardless of the timing and size of the blank slate/fresh start opportunities, how can you best take advantage of all they have to offer?


Many start with the past. Maybe you first go through your past year (and past decade), review your accomplishments and that which you didn’t accomplish, and you decide what to celebrate, what to let go, and what to bring forward with you.


Then, you turn the page (so to speak) and list out new or recycled goals for the future. This step can feel a little overwhelming. Too many goals/resolutions, and you’re just asking to lose focus and your momentum. Too little goals or challenges, and you lose interest. And, if you keep recycling the same old goals, guess what?! You’re going to feel an undercurrent of frustration and maybe even shame at not having accomplished them yet.

Maybe you think about how you’d like to be, or do, or have in this upcoming year. What does that look like? What does that feel like to you?


There are so many women who have lost touch with the ability to visualize and feel their future dreams. They have this ability, but they have difficulty accessing that part of them that feels worthy of receiving. They’ve lost the part of them that feels okay to daydream, to slow down and be.


Which leads me to my next point- that when we sit down to write down our goals and resolutions, that we be in a place of peace and inner joy.

There are so many different aspects to goal-planning. This time of year, while we’re feeling the hectic pace of the holidays, we can still feel it while we sit down to do our goals. That kind of energy has an effect. If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that your vibration has everything to do with manifestation and attracting great things into your life. If you’re stressed, this will work against you and your best efforts at creating the world’s best goals list.

For example, you’re slightly stressed out and you review your past. That leads to feeling more anxiety about your lack of accomplishments instead of focusing more on how far you’ve come.

Your stress level directly affects your activities and your thoughts. So, if you’re planning out your goals, is it a peaceful, joyful activity? Or, does it put more pressure on you and contribute just a little bit more to your stress level?

So when you sit down to write your goals and resolutions for the upcoming new year (and decade!), make sure you take some time to be fully present, at peace, and you’re feeling amazing.

I like to use Abraham Hick’s emotion chart for this. Check in to see where you are. 

law of attraction


If you’re not in the higher emotional vibes of happiness and love, for example, take a few deep breaths. Settle into yourself and your body. Feel where you’re holding tension and release it.

Sometimes, if breath work doesn't work, I watch a motivational video on YouTube or listen to great music. Whatever will bring you into a state of joy or amusement will help you get back to your high vibe state.

If you need to, come back to the goal setting when you are feeling awesome. You want to manifest these things, right? You’ll sabotage your efforts and dreams by your LOWER emotional state. So take the time to make sure you’re in a great state, then, as my father-in-law likes to say, “Go, go, go!” (and then he likes to put “girl!” at the end of that, but we’ll just leave it like that).

If you’re into the Law of Attraction, you’ll understand how important your mood is.

If you’re not into LOA, that’s okay, too. I think it’s always important to be aware of your emotional state – it’s something you have control over. And when you’re doing an activity like goal-setting, it makes it way more fun if you’re in a great state!

Be a Goal Star!

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