Nicole Nenninger, MA has worked with hundreds of clients to help them transform and change their lives. Her specialty is to show you how to become more of who you are- with yourself and within relationships.

Nicole has two Masters degrees in Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy and is certified as a life coach.

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This Powerful Belief Has a Major Effect on Your Happiness

Anne (not her real name) came to see me to work on her relationship with her boyfriend and also to work on having more confidence and self-esteem. According to her, her boyfriend had all kinds of issues and did not treat her well. She thought she could "fix" him. To...

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Loving Relationships Have These Two Things in Common

In the last article, 7 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Not Make It, I wrote about the 7 relationship skills that have a tremendous impact on your relationship. Here's a recap: Communication. Knowing how to communicate in a healthy way makes a huge difference. This...

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7 Reasons Why Your Relationship Might Not Make It

When it comes to having a happy and healthy relationship, there is all kinds of advice out there. Some advice is good, and some not so good. When it comes to advice, it is important to think about the source. There are relationship "experts" who aren't "walking their...

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