Want to Be a Better Mother? Try This!

Being a mother means many things: providing love and care being a disciplinarian keeping track of schedules driving, feeding, shopping for your kids being their protector, their rock and home base A mother wears many hats:  chauffeur, manager, coach, teacher, nurse,...

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7 Ways You Can Be a Better Parent

Reading through dozens of articles on eating disorders and parenting practices (this is for a class  in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program I'm enrolled in) recently has started me thinking:  You can proactively take charge of your parenting by...

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5 Quick Ways to Get Over the Blues

Got the blues?  With Autumn upon us, the days will start getting shorter and a lot of people will start spending more of their days inside (to me that even sounds depressing!).  During the winter months, some people will suffer from depression--or what clinicians call...

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Why Women Short-Change Themselves by Apologizing

Ever since my daughter joined her tennis team, I've been slowly getting more into tennis.  Recently on a Facebook post, I posted a picture of Serena Williams and referenced her loss at the U.S. Open this year saying something like "You're still amazing!"  I can really...

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5 Habits that Help You to be Happier After Divorce

I remember it like yesterday--the day I found out my marriage was ending.  Seventeen years down the drain.  Kaput.  It was the day it felt like the very floor, not just the rug, was pulled out from under me and everything in my world was turned upside down. The timing...

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How to Ruin a Relationship

If there were a course called Relationships 101, what would it cover?  There's probably a course out there somewhere that's called this, but let's see if we can come up with some of the topics: How to communicate well How to honor your commitment How to honor each...

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Why Complaining About Your Ex Can Actually be Bad for You

When I first separated from my ex, it was hard to refrain from stating what I was going through to a selective audience who would listen.  Most of my inner circle knew what was going on and they knew about my painful break-up after 17 years of being married.  It's...

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How not to allow divorce to suck the life out of you

Divorce.  It is one of the most stressful things you can go through, up there on the list with the death of a loved one and a major job loss.  If you've been through one--especially if it was acrimonious--you'll know that while it wasn't easy, chances are it provided...

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This Judge Did WHAT to these Alienated Kids?

In the news recently you probably couldn't help but hear of the story of the three kids sent to juvenile detention center for refusing to see their father. A little background here:  A Michigan judge ordered the children, ages 9 to 15, to be sent to a juvenile...

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