Parent? Partner? Bring Out the Best in Your Loved Ones

As a coach and counselor, I consider a major part of my job is bringing out the best in people.  Isn’t that a wonderful job description!?  But guess what!  You have that job too!  Part of your job as Loved One to others is to bring out the best in people.

If you are in a relationship and/or you are a parent, part of your “job description” is to bring out the best in your loved ones.  

You aren’t required to do this of course, but if you want an extraordinary relationship, it enhances the connection if you come from the place of beautifying the lives around you.  You aren’t responsible for their reactions–thoughts, words, actions–but you are responsible for the energy and intentions you bring to the relationship.

parenthoodThe image on the left is representative of your actions toward your loved ones.  What you do or say ripples outward.  Think about how the energetic environment around you would be if you consciously woke up everyday with the intention of bringing out the best in your loved ones.  And yourself too!

At any time you can choose to change the energy between you and your loved ones and make the shift to consciously choosing to come from the place of bringing out the best in people.

Some examples of bringing out the best with your loved ones:

TEENAGERS.  Being the parent of teenagers can be difficult. Their hormones are raging, their brains are still forming, and they can do or say some crazy stuff!  They love to argue, and often, just like couples, they can get caught up in arguments that become repetitive.  They try to bait you or distract you which often ends up working or at the very least, really annoys you. How can you respond in an emotionally intelligent manner and stay grounded and centered?  By remembering that you are the adult and part of your job as a parent is to bring out the best in your child.  You aren’t bringing out the best in your child when you respond in a manner that matches their maturity level.  And hey, if you do–because no one is perfect–it’s a wonderful opportunity to apologize and let them see no one is perfect.

COUPLES.  When couples argue, they often use the only tools they know to get their needs met. And that can get downright ugly sometimes.  Withdrawal, insults, yelling, pouting…this isn’t bringing out the best in your partner–just the opposite.  When you try to get your needs met (winning the argument, for example), and you do it with tools that are ineffective, it costs not just your partner, but you as well.

As a couple, you are a team.  Winning teams bring out the best in each other.  They don’t put each other down, do passive aggressive stuff to get back at their partner, or disrespect them–stuff that leads to the demise of your relationship.  Loving couples look out for one another; when they argue, they do it in a respectful manner.  If they mess up, they apologize.  Relationships need love and positivity to thrive.  There’s not a lot of room for love or positivity when you are not bringing out the best in your partner or your loved ones.

This week, as you go about your day, make it your intention to bring out the best in people–especially your loved ones.  See what a difference it makes in them–and in you!

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