Find Your Soul Mate


Find Your Soul Mate: A Simple Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life Using the Law of Attraction and Other Spiritual Methods is based on the true story of how I met and married my soul mate and how you can, too. In this book, I detail my method for meeting and marrying the love of your life. I also share additional tips you can use to further align yourself with the manifestation of a soul mate relationship.


How much would your life change if you were in a relationship with your soul mate? Would you be happier? Feel more at peace? Would it change the way you feel about other areas of your life, too? Would your work feel more meaningful? Friendships feel more satisfying? Even day-to-day events like sunsets, cooking, and getting up in the morning would all change in significance. Your experiences in life would be heightened, your heart would be full, you would feel lighter and more alive.

This book is based on a true story- my story– of how I met and married my soul mate. At the time, I didn’t realize I had set about a series of actions and intentions to meet the love of my life. There was a process I used that manifested my soul mate. It began when a friend innocently made a suggestion. That suggestion resulted in attracting this wonderful man- a man who was so similar, who had the same values, possessed the qualities I needed, and who was available to be in the kind of relationship that required consciousness and maturity. You can have that, too. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who just doesn’t love you, but adores you. 


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