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Relationship Problems? 

  • Is the spark gone?
  • Are you feeling emotional pain- hurt, betrayal, lonely, frustrated, angry at yourself or your partner?
  • Disconnected from your partner and something is missing?

Do you wonder if you’re going to be alone forever or if your relationship can be saved?


Take a moment, breathe, and relax. You’ve come to the right place for help. 

The first step- admitting there’s a problem with your relationship- can be the hardest.

Somehow, admitting there’s a problem opens you to the possibility that the relationship will not work out- and that can be scary! That’s where relationship coaching and couples counseling is far better than the alternative.


Most relationships you see are going to end- more than 50%. What’s the alternative that most people choose?

They just deny the issues that eventually erode a loving relationship.

Dare to be Different- Have the Relationship of Your Dreams

Don’t hide. Own your issues and learn from them. Move towards love! Or, live like everyone else and wait for the inevitable results of the many people who are too scared to take the steps necessary to change their relationship.

In every other part of their lives, people are willing to make the changes necessary for success.

Think about this: What if your team lost 60% of its games, would you do something differently?

relationship adviceWhat if your business was failing 60% of the time- would you make changes? If you were losing 60% of your money on investments–you’d change.  

What if your child continually failed in school?  Change wouldn’t be optional–change would be mandatory!  You wouldn’t keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome from the same old behaviors that put you into this spot in the first place!

Relationships fail more than 50% of the time. Second marriages fail almost 70% of the time. It’s time for a change.

Look, there’s no owner’s manual that teaches you how to have a loving and intimate connection with your partner.  You’ll find lots of books, workshops, counseling theories, and advice out there, but if they worked there would be a whole lot more happy and emotionally healthy couples out in the world~ and believe me, I know the problems that people face. I have spent years in the pursuit of a relationship that embodies a conscious and caring connection.

Do you want your relationship to become a haven or continue living in relationship hell? You can have a place where you and your partner respect, love and learn together–away from the issues of the outside world.  You can go there to experience the security and safety of what your “home base” offers you. But what happens when you or your partner are carrying emotional baggage from childhood or past relationships, unresolved resentments, or dysfunctional behaviors? What if your relationship is full of arguing?  Or emotional distancing?


Do you want to be in a relationship that is loving and supporting but maybe…

  • You or your partner are uncomfortable with intimacy
  • You or your partner sabotage the relationship when it feels too good
  • The word “divorce” or “breaking up” crossed your or your partner’s mind or lips
  • You are afraid to speak your truth
  • You have suppressed your truth for so long
  • You suffer emotionally or physically from suppression, repression, depression, or denial
  • You have low self-esteem or insecurity
  • You ignore your intuition or body messages
  • You fear punishment or abandonment
  • You do not know yourself well enough
  • You act out old emotional wounding
  • You don’t know how to handle being triggered
  • You respond without thinking and act unconsciously
  • You aren’t committed to the relationship
  • You communicate with each other using blame or shame
  • You unconsciously live in drama-you create
  • You can’t discuss your issues without personalizing them


  • Be in a relationship that revolves around good will, caring, nurturing, and love?
  • A relationship where you are able to consider and respectfully communicate your needs to your partner?
  • Have the fearlessness to heal your past wounds?
  • Deal with your own feelings?
  • Develop new behaviors that won’t be getting in the way of a healthy and loving relationship?
  • Create a relationship that honors and empowers you as well as your partner?


Working on yourself and/or your relationships with me will get you to the place where you can have the relationship you dream of.  

There’s plenty of room in the world for more love and loving couples in it.  

Your children (if you have children) need healthy role models for relationships (because you’re their first role model for love!). You deserve to have a loving relationship.


We work with individuals and couples who are interested in creating a higher quality relationship.  You can request to work with me, or with Don (my husband) or with us together.

You will get the benefit of 40+ years combined experience helping people just like you. There’s so much more to creating your life than people would believe- learn with us and benefit from the combined education of two Psy.M advanced degrees in psychology and a third Psy.M. degree in  marriage and family therapy.

We specialize in relationships. We’ll work with you in an caring, compassionate manner to move you towards the love you desire.

We help individuals and couples with questions like these:

  • You are thinking of taking the next step to long-term commitment–you are thinking of moving in together or getting married.  You love this person but you want to make sure you “get off on the right foot.”  To make this work and take your relationship to the next level, you want to be sure you have the right foundation in place.
  • You are married or in a long-term relationship.   Maybe it’s boring.  You want the spark and passion back.  Or, you’re arguing or ignoring each other and you’d like to argue less and stop hurting each other as much.
  • You are in a committed relationship but you are “on the fence” about whether you should stay or go.  You and/or your partner have thought of leaving the relationship.  You might even be thinking it is too late to save it.  While all marriages may not be made to last, you’d like to make sure that you can say you tried to rescue your relationship.  If you determine that it can’t be saved, you’d like to part on good terms with the clarity, tools, and peace of mind that you tried your best to succeed with this relationship.

Here’s a couple questions for you:

  • If you have children, would you want them to have the same relationship as you now have- or better?
  • Do you remember what it was like when you first met?  How good you felt?  How loved and cherished you felt?  Or how the interactions between you two were so incredibly loving and positive?


Why this is more than therapy

In our sessions, we find ways of helping you love and grow. Often, problems revolve around the “system” that you’ve created and we can change that to make your relationship thrive. You’ll develop the ability to confront fears, communicate your truth, eliminate blame and shame from your interactions, take 100% responsibility for your life and so much more.

Our approach to working with you is to help you create a holistic and joyful life.  We believe the client possesses the power to change, and our role is to help the client discover and utilize their power. 

What thoughts and beliefs keep you stuck in a pattern of behavior?  If you knew the answer to that, you wouldn’t need help. We empower you to bring about effective long-term results.

Secrets of Loving RelationshipsI am the co-author, with my husband Don Nenninger of The Secrets of Loving Relationships and former co-host of Living Well, a local television show. We know what it takes to be in a loving relationship, and we live it!  Our relationship is one most people could only dream of.

You can’t do this if you are “unconscious.”  

Conscious relationships are built upon the Twelve Pillars that make up the foundation of a conscious relationship.  They include the pillars of gratitude and appreciation, shared values, and fun- and you’ll learn more when you work with us.

Ready to experience more from your relationship?

How much is a great relationship worth to you?

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