Showing Your Kids How to Love

I’ve got a question for you:  On a scale of one to ten, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest, how good of a role model for a loving relationship are you and your partner to your child(ren)?  How do you think your partner would answer this?

Your relationship with your partner is your child’s first, most important role model for relationships.  Your children don’t just listen to what you have to say, they watch what you and your partner do.

Your children learn among other things:

  • how to resolve conflicts
  • how to show love and appreciation
  • whether to be honest
  • how to be emotionally connected
  • how to respect another human being whom you are supposed to love and adore
  • how to be imperfect and still be accepted and loved for who you are
  • how to forgive
  • how to grow as an individual and as a couple
  • how to be committed in a relationship
  • how to create safety in a relationship
  • how to watch out for others, not just themselves
  • how to be a team and cooperate with one another
  • how to balance your needs with the needs of your partner
  • how to prioritize and balance life and relationships
  • how to come together and not drift apart during times of stress
  • and, essentially, how to love someone through the gift of a healthy and loving relationship

If you aren’t modeling a healthy and loving relationship to your kids, what are you modeling?

[Tweet “You show your kids how to love by being a good role model. “] When it comes to relationships, you are your child’s best teacher.

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