How to Create Meaningful Traditions with Your Family–Simple Fall Pleasures

I love all the seasons–they all have their special traditions and memories for me.  Fall is no exception.  Fall is a wonderful time to be out in nature.  It’s a lovely time of year to go for a hike or go for a run on trails to see the beautiful foliage.

Family traditions mean a lot and the season of fall has lots of simple pleasures you can make into wonderful, meaningful memories.

Here are some ideas for family traditions for fall:

  • Plan a football party with friends.  Even if you don’t like football, you can still have it on in the background and have friends come over just to get together.
  • Go apple picking.  Make apple butter, apple pie, baked apples, applesauce, etc. afterwards.
  • Go pumpkin picking.  Our kids like to do a corn maze when they’re there as well.
  • If you’re crafty, make some new fall decor.  Or, shop for fall decor and decorate your home in the spirit of autumn.
  • Make a giant leaf pile for your kids (and you) to jump in.
  • Gather colored leaves and make a pressed leaf collage between wax paper–if you have young kids, they’ll love this.  Use them as placemats.
  • Have them gather acorns outside, then put them in a glass hurricane with a candle inside as a decoration.  Change acorns to cranberries as the holidays get closer.
  • It’s a great time for outdoor fires in the firepit.  Roast marshmallows with your kids.  Have them gather some dry leaves and sticks for the fire.
  • Have plenty of apple cider, hot cocoa, or tea around.  Make a fire in your fireplace (on any night–not just weekends!) and drink in front of the fire.
  • Go for a drive and view the foliage (if you’re lucky to have it around you!).
  • Don’t just save baking for the holidays–make a pie, or special dish you’ve been meaning to try.

What are some traditions you do in the fall with your family?


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