Stop Quitting on Your Goals

We’re a few days into the new year and new decade of 2020. Goal lists and resolutions are written. I sincerely hope you haven’t given quit your goals yet. Hopefully you’re well on your way to successfully achieving these “dreams with deadlines!”It’s well known that a majority will not succeed in reaching their goals this […]

New Year (and Decade), New Beginning

To most of you, the beginning of a new year means a fresh beginning. A chance to start anew. How amazing is that, that we have the ability to reflect (and act) on our future?Actually, at any point in time, we have this ability. Some people do goal-setting around the time when their kids go […]

Aren’t You Tired of Failing at New Year’s Resolutions?

Aren’t you tired of failing at New Year’s Resolutions? Have you tried setting goals, only to lose motivation and quit? Are you prepared to go another year not reaching goals or following through on your resolutions? Stop right now! Stop quitting on your dreams! I can show you how to set goals and New Year’s […]

How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals To Create An Amazing Life

Some people have not heard yet of the concept of reverse engineering your goals or your life. So, let’s start out with the definition of reverse engineering.   Reverse engineering your life means looking at your life from the end, thinking about the results you want, then working backward from this end point to the […]

How Will You Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

Wow! What a year!  Will you look back on 2017 as an extraordinary year? Or was it a year that was particularly challenging? A year that saw you reaching your goals or brought you closer to them? Or, did you find yourself struggling to meet even your daily tasks and/or still wishing for better things […]

What Are Your Goals Right Now?

Here’s an all too familiar question that life coaches ask their clients: What are your goals right now? It’s a great question because it provides a focus and direction to your life.  Maybe it’s to own a nice house?  Vacation in Europe?  Drive a luxury car?  Meet your soul mate?  Work from home?  Have a really […]

Playing in the Game of Life

You are not meant to sit on the sidelines of life, watching the action. You are meant to be playing in the game–playing in the Game of Life.  There is nothing wrong with being cheerleaders or supporters of the players on the field, but you owe it to yourself to engage in life, too.  Somewhere, between the sidelines and […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Spirit

Time and time again, people will create these awesomely amazing resolutions like this year I will get rich, I will be organized, or I will lose weight–only to lose sight of their goal after a month of not quite being on track with it.  It can be overwhelming to state goals in such broad, sweeping […]

Tapping Into Your Potential

How can the self-help and personal development field help you to: be happy deal positively with emotions such as anger and sadness love yourself create loving relationships use effective goal-setting techniques be successful and wealthy define YOUR best life? You can get this information by immersing yourself in books or the computer, going to workshops, […]

Visualize Your Future and Success Your Way

Vision boards are a fun and creative way to express your dreams and goals.  It’s a road map to your best life that can have you on the path to incredible success in no time! Sometimes goal-setting seems, well, boring! It’s a great way to accomplish wonderful things in your life, but many people put […]

Your Life is a Masterpiece

Your life is a masterpiece.  This work of art, your life, is perfect just as it is; you are already a masterpiece.  You don’t need to do anything, say anything, or be anything–you are already enough. Since you are the artist of your life and if you choose, you can create something even more wonderful. […]