3 Life Coaching Tips to Amp Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

As a life coach, I have the privilege of helping clients reach their goals.  It’s amazing to watch!  This time of year (New Year’s), people tend to take on the role of life coach to themselves as they write out their resolutions of how life will be different this year.  They’ll probably write something along […]

Undefeated–How Hope Helps Lift You Up

Have you ever watched a movie and its message stayed with you long afterwards?  Recently, I watched the movie “Undefeated,” a documentary based on the true story of a high school football team, the Manassas Tigers, who when the movie begins, have yet to have a winning season.  The high school serves a very poor […]

How to Make a List of Your Values

Recently, I wrote an article about Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.  At the bottom of his Pyramid of Success are his 12 Lessons in Leadership.  These are obviously geared toward a sports team, but this information can also be translated into your real-life relationships–personal and professional.   For example:  #1.  Good values attract good […]

It Starts with a Question

This week I’ve been studying solution-focused brief therapy and it reminds me a lot of life coaching.  The therapist uses questions to get their clients to focus on solutions, not their problems. They also use a lot of “cheerleading” and they are very positive.  I love the idea of being solution-focused as opposed to problem-focused.  […]