How Will You Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet?

Wow! What a year!  Will you look back on 2017 as an extraordinary year? Or was it a year that was particularly challenging? A year that saw you reaching your goals or brought you closer to them? Or, did you find yourself struggling to meet even your daily tasks and/or still wishing for better things […]

3 Life Coaching Tips to Amp Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

As a life coach, I have the privilege of helping clients reach their goals.  It’s amazing to watch!  This time of year (New Year’s), people tend to take on the role of life coach to themselves as they write out their resolutions of how life will be different this year.  They’ll probably write something along […]

Coaching Exercises that Work!

The Wheel of Life–A Coaching Exercise with Big Results! One of the life coaching tools we use for goal-setting in our coaching practice is the Wheel of Life exercise.  This is used by many coaches to help guide clients to lead a more balanced, authentic, and fulfilling life for themselves.  It’s a great tool for motivating […]