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Before my website crashed on that fateful day of August 26, 2013*, I had written a post about things I love about my husband.  I originally got the idea off another blog and I don’t remember whose it was, but I came across the idea again thanks to‘s site.  Hey, I’m up for spreadin’ the love and positivity again!

Reasons why I love my husbandI love the idea of letting others know how much I love and appreciate them–especially those closest to me, like my husband.  There are so many reasons why I love my husband, but here are some of the ones that come to mind quickly:

1. He is so romantic.
2. He’s thoughtful.
3. He’s a great listener.
4. He’s wise beyond his years.
5. He’s not afraid to show his emotions.
6. He lives his truth.
7. He has integrity and character.
8. He is a renaissance man.  He has so many different hobbies, abilities, and interests.
9. He is faithful.  I never have to worry about him straying.
10. He’s a family man.  He loves his kids and he loves kids in general.
11. He is amazingly strong–not just physically, but psychologically too.
12. He’s so handsome!
Don Nenninger and Nicole Nenninger13. He’s in great shape.  He can run a race at a moment’s notice.
14. He loves animals. And he picks up their “business” in the yard.
15. He’s happy and positive.
16. He is my rock.
17. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll spend the time to figure it out!
18. He has a great family who love, accept, and support him, me, and him + me.
19. He is so funny!
20. He is a great driver.  His hand-eye coordination is amazing.
21. He is the quarterback for a weekly Sunday football game. Yeah, I think that’s pretty hot!

So I’ve gotten a chance to tell you what I love so much about my special guy–what do you love about your partner?  What makes them special?

*I lost all my articles except the ones that had been saved elsewhere.  Yeah, not cool.  But, it’s a chance to start from scratch and make it better than ever!