Take the emotional pain or boredom you feel from your relationship and transform it to a loving and extraordinary relationship.



The break-up of a relationship can be a very painful and confusing time. How do you move forward? How do you move past the anger, sadness, and frustration? How do you create a learning opportunity out of this very challenging part of life?



Ready to find your soulmate? You’ll learn how to not only attract the partner of your dreams, but also how to be the best version of you so you can be an amazing partner in an amazing relationship.



You want more out of life and you are ready to take on the transformation, the challenge, and the thrill of doing so. You are tired of living small. You want to shine your light!


Get Clear

The more clear you are on what you want to have in your relationship, the more likely you are to have it.

Get Perspective

Most people don’t tell anyone what they want or what they are struggling with.  Because of this, they don’t get an outside perspective. 

Get Support

Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. Sport stars have teammates and coaches- who do you have building you up for success in your relationship?  Your well-intentioned, twice-divorced uncle? A book or internet article? Are you tired of wasting valuable time trying to piece together advice for something that is so incredibly valuable?

Here’s What My Happy Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me–I’ll let my clients do the talking!

Nicole came highly recommended from a friend.  I’m so glad she’s my coach!  I feel like she really gets me. I also like that she’s spiritual and she uses her spirituality in her sessions.  For example, she starts each session with a breathing exercise so I can get grounded.  I love that because I feel like I get so much more out of the call because I’m not “all over the place.”  I’m really grateful for Nicole–I’ve learned a lot about myself and I have so much more clarity about things.  I made an incredible investment in myself–and that’s priceless. Laurie

If you’re going through a divorce, I highly recommend Nicole as a coach especially since she knows what it’s like to have gone through one.  I was devastated when I first found out my marriage was ending.  She taught me a lot of things to do outside of our sessions so I could stay focused and be more grounded for my kids and my job.  I wouldn’t be near where I am today if I didn’t do this for myself.  I’m now in a healthy relationship with a fantastic guy, my kids are in a much better place (because I am), and I’ve got an exciting future ahead of me.  She gave me back hope–I didn’t think I would feel that again.  Thanks Nicole!  Definitely worth it! Jen

40-ish, Divorced, and Happy for the First Time in Years

I was going through kind of a mini mid-life crisis after my only daughter went off to college.  My marriage was so-so, my career was so-so, and my whole life seemed “so-so.”  Something was missing.  Since I’ve been doing coaching with Nicole, my life, if I had to rate it overall, went from a 3 to a 9 (on a scale from 1 to 10).  Every time we end our session, I feel so positive about my future–and that carries over into the whole week ahead. O. S.

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