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women over 50 seeking work-life balance, meaningful living, and happiness in aging

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There is a transformative power that comes from embracing life after 50 with intention and enthusiasm.

This is a significant chapter in your life, filled with the desire for greater health, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Here you'll learn more about:

  • Living Intentionally: Discover the transformative power of intentional living. Take control of your choices, set meaningful goals, and create the life you've always envisioned. 
  • Health + Fitness: Achieve vitality and well-being with Nicole's fitness expertise. Explore fitness tips, workouts, and advice to keep you healthy, strong, and energized.
  • Stronger Relationships: Foster deeper connections with loved ones. Explore strategies for nurturing existing relationships and building new, meaningful connections.
  • Organization + Balance:  Get organized and find the balance you crave. Practical tips and resources to simplify your life and make room for what truly matters.
  • Meaning + Happiness: Cultivate a life filled with purpose and joy. Explore self-improvement, personal growth, and the pursuit of happiness. 
  • Endless Learning: Embrace the joy of continuous learning. Nicole's commitment to growth ensures you're always discovering something new. 
  • Aging Gracefully: It's never too late to live an amazing, beautiful life. Nicole will show you how to embrace the beauty of aging and age gracefully. 


Ready to start your journey toward a more balanced, meaningful life? 

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Nicole Nenninger

A trusted guide on your journey to intentional living and a balanced, beautiful life.

With two master's degrees in psychology and marriage and family therapy, Nicole brings a rich tapestry of professional expertise to the table. Her training as a life coach and her experience as an executive director of a non-profit organization have given her the tools to inspire and empower women over 50 to live their best lives.

As a lifelong learner, she's continually exploring new horizons and gaining wisdom from her experiences. Her dedication to growth ensures that you'll always find fresh insights and perspectives here.

Your beautiful life begins now. Let's embark on this journey together.

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As a healthy and fit individual, Nicole understands the importance of well-being and will guide you on your journey toward better health.

She offers FREE fun and effective workout videos every Tuesday and Friday for women over 50! Low impact cardio, strength training, Tabata, stretching, wellness tips and more! 

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Free Monthly Workout Challenges

These free home workout challenges are a fantastic way to keep you fit and active, motivated, healthy and moving - all in the privacy of your own home! Download the challenge, click on the link for that day, then follow along to the daily workout. You'll see results!

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