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These free home workout challenges are a fantastic way to keep you fit and active, motivated, healthy and moving - all in the privacy of your own home! Download the challenge, click on the link for that day, then follow along to the daily workout. You'll see results!

Have fun, get fit, and feel fantastic!

You can be fit, active, vital, and healthy. Come work out with me in the privacy of your own home!

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I'm Nicole Nenninger

I'm a counselor and life coach with 2 Masters degrees - Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy.

I am also a certified Personal Trainer (ISSA).

And the Executive Director of a natural health non-profit for nearly a decade.

I am passionate about helping others live a healthy, happy life.

Fun and effective workouts and wellness tips for women over 50!

Walk at home, low-impact, low-intensity, steady-state cardio workouts combining fat-burning with strength-training. Workouts designed especially for women over 50 (and perfect for beginners & men, too!)

You deserve -and absolutely can have- a good life.

As a middle-aged woman, you can be fit and feel fantastic!

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