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Effective, goal-focused wellness and workout videos for women over fifty. Improving your wellbeing - that's my goal (whether it's physical, psychological, mental, or emotional)! And having a little fun along the way is an essential part of the process!

Aging gracefully means committing to small changes today that will positively impact your future.

You can be fit, active, vital, and healthy. Come work out with me!

fitness and workouts for women over fifty


I'm Nicole Nenninger

Everyone deserves to live a good life. As a middle-aged woman, you can be fit and feel fantastic!

My background:  Life coach with 2 Masters degrees in Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy. Also a Personal Trainer in training.

As the Executive Director of a natural health non-profit for nearly a decade, I am passionate about helping others live a healthy, happy life.

Workout with me! YouTube Workouts: Nicole's Fit Over Fifty 

Nicole's Fit Over Fifty 

Are you looking for fitness workouts and lifestyle tips focused on your changing needs as a mature and even more beautiful woman? 

Want to have fun - and feel fantastic - while getting fit?

Visit my Nicole's Fit Over Fifty YouTube channel. Here you will find content that relates to working out, staying healthy, and learning about wellness and healthy aging for women over 50.


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