10 Roadblocks to Your Success-Breaking Down the Brick Wall

(This is a guest post written by my Handsome Husband, Don Nenninger)  Imagine that you are walking down a path and a brick wall has been placed directly in front of you. It’s solid, it’s tangible, and it’s obvious that something needs to change for you to continue. Or, you can stay exactly where you are and have this brick wall stop you from ever moving down your path. The energetic blockages within us are no less real than this brick wall. Unfortunately, when we meet these walls we often don’t acknowledge them, and thrash about stuck where we are wondering why we don’t move forward in our lives. In this article, I’ll go over 10 energy blockages that keep people from moving forward. If you have one of these blockages within yourself rather than choosing to deny or suppress it, own it. Then, you can move forward by removing it, going through, around, under, or over it.

The 10 Roadblocks to Your Success:

1. You don’t believe in yourself–yet.

Your subconscious has been trained to believe that you can’t remove the block. Until you believe that you are capable enough to move past any obstacle, you won’t move past any obstacle.

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It’s challenging when these energetic blocks exist within ourselves because if they were simple three-dimensional objects in the physical plane we would address them more definitively. Change your beliefs about what you are capable of and you change your potential outcomes.

2. You fear your mortality.

Because we are all susceptible to the human condition which includes the fear of our own passing, we often justify staying where we are with one of the following 2 statements: “What is the matter, I’m just going to die anyway” or “This isn’t important.” Because of this fear we reach a roadblock and stay stuck rather than accepting the challenge of being present in this moment and on this day. Stay away from future projections and embrace the challenges that are being presented.

3. You get comfortable at your wall–it’s “good enough.”

Back to our brick wall that exists in the 3rd dimension. You get to it decide it’s too much effort to go around it, and decide this is where you’re going to stay. It’s fine here or good enough. This is different than being content with your life and where you are. This is an excuse to not put the effort into your personal growth that is needed to move forward. This happens with our energetic blockages. We set up camp at a challenge and it becomes fine or good enough. Accept the challenges that are presented to you. These are your personal life growth lessons.

4. You are still living within the confines (the bridle) of societal compliance.

We often fear change for ourselves-but being the catalyst of change in a group, culture, or society challenges our hardwiring to be part of the tribe. When the tribe has decided to stay behind this brick wall, it is very challenging to be the one to move outside of the paradigm that exists and to move forward challenging the conventional message. It’s hard to be the one to say “The Emperor’s got no clothes on.” Yet, sometimes this is exactly what’s needed to move ourselves–and in this case an entire group–forward.

5. You’ve bought into the belief of your society’s “class system.”

A person like you can’t move past these roadblocks–it’s improper, not acceptable, we’ve accepted their doctrine, or “that’s how it’s always been.” Do you believe that? Is that part of the plan for you?

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And let’s face it a lot of societies beliefs are detrimental to society in general and to our personal development singularly. Don’t buy into the hype that you have to stay where you are–get past your brick wall.

6. You feel safe and safe is good-at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

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This energetic blockage is a little bit tricky. It’s hard to separate out what is a true sense of contentment with life from withholding our potential back because we are in a space that we perceive as safe; whether that space is a career, relationship, or other external situation. The problem with this perception of safe is that any of these can change at any time.  Until we become content with our lives we are avoiding one of these energetic blockages.

7. Breaking down the blockage is going to cost everything!

This ties in directly with the feeling of safety. We have an unrecognized belief that to move past our next energetic blockage that we are going to lose everything we have built up so far and that cost is simply too high. This is a false belief that exemplifies all or nothing thinking. And if we look at the recent economic crisis we can see that people literally have lost everything and have survived, changed their lives and in many cases prospered.

8. The need for focus and the reality of confusion are competitors rather than complementary.

Focus equals control, confusion equals powerlessness-that’s what many people have equated to these 2 words. We need to expand our description to understand that confusion is a necessary part of our growth. We don’t want to live in either of these 2 states exclusively but focus feels so much better for most people.

Next time you feel confused about something, sit with it for little bit and see where that takes you. You may gain insights that the rational, focused mind simply can’t access.

9. You don’t want to mess with the cosmos or karma!

Who can blame you for that! You believe you have a predetermined destiny and that this is where you were supposed to be. Messing with your predetermined destiny-well, that’s not good and you will pay the price in some karmic way. When you’re acting from this paradigm or this is your energetic roadblock you’ve left yourself no room for movement. How do you know that this is where you’re supposed to be? No one I know has an energetic or karmic playbook. Maybe you’re supposed to move past this block and invite more growth into your life.

10. You believe there’s no more left–that you are “topped out.”

This feeling, whether it be in your relationships, or career-means that you have nowhere left to go. Again, this little bit tricky. We are not talking about a sense of contentment in our lives, we are talking about a limiting belief that stops you from moving forward to even greater experiences in your relationship or in your career. Self-reflect on this and see if this is truly a fact or is it a belief that is keeping you from moving forward.

successWe all experience energetic blockages in our lives. Merely because we cannot see them does not make them any less real than a brick wall in front of us. The challenge is: How do we become conscious and aware of these inner blockages without becoming hypercritical or discouraged when we finally acknowledge their existence? I have found that my greatest growth in life has come from acknowledging and meeting the challenges that each of my “brick walls” presented to me. This has required a shift in my beliefs but as I said before:

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Start today to make these shifts and clear out the blockages that are getting in the way of you having more abundance in all areas of your life.


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