When life gets busy, hectic, or stressful, one of the first things to go on the proverbial back burner–besides your self-care–is your relationship.  Taking relationships for granted, thinking they’ll be there when you are less busy, less stressed, less in your head about other things instead of focusing on your relationship with your partner–can be poison.  Everyone has a need to feel valued and loved.  If they are resentful about not feeling like they are a priority, some people will focus outward outside the relationship to work, to friends or other family members, to children, or they might have an affair.

Here are 5 things you can do today to change your relationship:

1.  Change the way you interact with  your partner.  Make it your intention to be positive (your aim should be 5 positive statements to 1 negative) and loving.

2.  Make your partner feel special by surprising them.  Find out their love language and gift them with something they will positively respond to. Make it your intention to let your partner know each day how much you love and adore them.

3.  Wake up and go to sleep with a heart full of gratitude for your relationship.  

4.  Make more eye contact with your partner.  Look at them when you speak–or don’t speak.  Let them know you see them.

5.  Do something different.  If you always have the same argument, instead of responding in the usual way, try a new approach.  If you are always doing the same activities, try something new.

There are lots of ways to re-connect with your partner, and spark that passion and those loving feelings again.  Shake the boredom or routine out of your relationship and inject some love, positivity, and fun into it.  You deserve that!

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relationship adviceMy passion is to enrich people’s lives by helping them create extraordinary relationships.  I am a certified life coach, have a Master’s degree in psychology, and am a Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate.  I am the author of Attract Your Soul Mate:  A Simple Guide to Finding the Love of Your Life Using the Law of Attraction and Other Spiritual Methods (BRAND NEW!), Transforming Divorce, the Transforming Divorce Workbook, and co-author (with my husband Don Nenninger) of The Secrets of Loving Relationships, and The Art and Science of Parenting:  How to Act When Your Kid’s Acting Out. 


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