It’s that time of year–it’s BACK TO SCHOOL time.  For me, it means a tremendous amount of driving around for my kids (thank goodness they’re active), but I think it’s wonderful to have that one-on-one time with them.  Back to school time also has come to mean to me the start of a new year–the start of a new year of learning.  A new year of learning doesn’t have to just be designated to all the kids going back to school.  This time of year is also a chance to become more organized and self-reflective of your goals for the year ahead.

Kids aren’t the only ones learning new things–you can be learning too.

So as your kids–or if you don’t have ’em, the neighborhood’s kids–go off to school, here are some things to think about:

Use this time as a way to self-reflect on your life, and self-correct the areas that need some more focus and attention on.  Do a vision board, write out some goals and steps to achieve them.

Use this school year (the 9 months) to birth a new you.

Create your wonderful life by not just thinking about it, but by taking action on it, too.

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