I’ve recently begun meditation again after a long period off.  It’s hard, as any busy person can attest, to find the time to be still.  To begin this journey again, I bought Deepak Chopra’s and Oprah’s meditations on Finding Your Flow (I’m not an affiliate–I just like to share what makes a difference in my life).  Their meditation series are 21 days long.  On the second day they speak about finding happiness.  Oprah has a great quote:

“You can feel happy or you can BE happy.”

Don’t you just love that!?  The difference is not just feeling happiness when you experience it in a fleeting emotion; the difference is being it–embodying it in the core of your being–or rather, connecting to your spirit and Oneness/God/Source/Higher Power.  Connecting to your true essence of happiness and love.  Stripping away the layers of hurt, sadness, anger and pain and getting to the happiness inside each one of us.

The ego loves all the drama and the struggles.

Happiness is there whenever you remember it–whenever you make the choice to connect with that part of you that is never-changing.

Happiness is an inside-out process and not an outside-in one.  Have you ever noticed when you got something that made you happy–like a new car, lover, compliments, clothes–that the feeling didn’t last long?  That’s what emotions are–they’re fleeting.  When you ARE happy, you are existing from the part of being that is your essence.  I don’t believe human beings were born on this earth to be so serious, to be caught up in their life lessons that they forget to have fun, to play, to engage in life and not shrink from it.

Happiness enlarges your world so you see it from your soul’s eyes.  

Happiness is a state of awareness that is your birthright–it has been with you since (and even before) you were born.

We are not meant to suffer; we are meant to be free from suffering.

One way to cultivate and remember your happiness is to practice gratitude and appreciation.

When you are in a state of being grateful and/or appreciative, you can’t help but be happy.

Here’s a short meditation:

happinessClose your eyes for a minute.  Take three deep soulful breaths, breathing in positivity and light; breathing out negativity.  Now, turn up the corners of your mouth into a smile and think about something that you are so grateful for.  Is it your children?  Your partner?  Your pet?  A walk on the beach or a special moment with someone you love?  Keep smiling and breathe that in.  Now bring your attention down to your heart area and feel that love coming from your gratitude.  Feel it filling you up.  Breathe in Source’s love and light–feel yourself surrounded by love.  When you’re ready, open your eyes.

Another way to experience happiness is to practice being present.  Bring your attention to the Now and forget your worries, your anxiety, your regrets, and pain.  Be here NOW (If your mind wants to think of something, think of what you’re grateful for.)

The only thing you can control in life is yourself.  Practice being happy for your sake–for your health and well-being. You’re so worth it!

Happiness is not just an emotion.  Happiness is a state of awareness.   When you shift your attention from what’s out there to what’s within, you’ll find happiness–the soulful kind; not the ego-driven, emotional kind.

If we lived in a happier world, we’d have healthier people, less wars, less divorces, more contribution and giving back, more beauty, more appreciation, more honesty, and more authenticity.  And even if you think you can’t change the world–you can change your little corner of the world.  So…Do it!  I challenge you to find your inner happiness and glow!

Shine like the light you are!  BE happy!


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  1. What you said about the feelings of happiness we get from “things” being fleeting is so true. We get a temporary happy high but it wears of quickly which leads us to buy more stuff to recapture that feeling. It’s much more beneficial (and cheaper) to find the happiness from within.

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