How Much Water Should Women Over 50 Drink Every Day? Hydration Tips for Optimal Health

How Much Water Should I Drink in a Day?

Ready for this?

According to Harvard, the recommended amount of water to drink every day is 4-6 cups, but keep in mind every one is different.

Are you on any medications that would affect the need for more or less water?

How much fluid do you consume in a day from other drinks or foods?

What is your activity level? 

Are you in a hot climate? A dry climate?

Here's another interesting statistic:

According to the Mayo Clinic, a woman should be drinking 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day.

That's 92 ounces (a gallon is 128 ounces)! But...this amount takes into account other fluids and foods as part of this overall, and very high, number. 

Why Do I Need to Drink Water?

First and foremost, we are made up of approximately 60% water!

Here are 10 more reasons why it's good to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water:

  1. Staying hydrated helps you perform better when you’re exercising or doing any kind of physical work. “Losing as little as 2% of your body’s water content can significantly impair your physical performance" (Harvard).
  2. Your brain function and energy levels are significantly affected If you are dehydrated – even mildly. Brain function, mood, memory and concentration are affected by just a 1.4% loss, not to mention the research shows there is an increase in headaches (Harvard again).
  3. Dehydration is linked to more headaches and migraines in some people. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of not drinking enough water.
  4. Constipation may be relieved by drinking more water. Mineral water is great for this - it's rich in sodium and magnesium which helps the body eliminate more quickly than just plain water.
  5. Drinking water helps you to lose weight. Some studies concur that drinking more water can slightly raise your metabolism and also helps you feel more full.
  6. If you’re prone to kidney stones, there is some evidence that drinking more water/fluids lessens the incidence of kidney stones.
  7. Drinking water and hydrating can reduce the symptoms of hangovers. Alcohol is a diuretic which means you lose more fluid in your body than you consume. While dehydration is not the main cause of hangovers, hydrating can help alleviate the symptoms of dry mouth, fatigue, and headaches.
  8. Helps you to rid your body of waste and toxins through sweating and going to the bathroom.
  9. Helps keep your body a normal temperature.
  10. Helps to cushion and lubricate your joints. If you're over 50, you know how important this is!

How do I Know if I'm Drinking Enough Water?

If you're rarely thirsty, you're likely drinking enough water.

If your urine is light yellow or colorless - that's a great sign as well.

What’s the Best Way to Track my Hydration?

Track your hydration through setting your water goal and scheduling it.

Drink 2 glasses when you wake up and 1 glass of water every hour during your work day. I recommend finishing your daily water intake 2 hours before bed. 

Some people suggest drinking a glass of water before mealtime and another afterwards. I don't recommend this since it can dilute your digestive enzymes. I've had SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) before and I now prioritize my gut health. 

I've made a free daily planner page for you to keep track of your water intake, exercise, and so much more! CLICK HERE to get it (no strings attached - it's absolutely free!).

How to Get into the Habit of Drinking Water

Staying hydrated and getting enough water in your system is not a chore once you've made it into a habit.

It's a good-for-you - no wait! - it's a GREAT-for-you habit so have fun and be creative with how you can implement this healthy habit into your life!

Get a water bottle, glass, or mug you love to drink from. I like this one from Amazon and this one. Water bottles are an efficient way to keep on track with your hydration goal - they hold a lot of water and they're more portable than a glass. Plus, they usually don't break (just dent ;).

If you're familiar with Masaru Emoto's books on water, for example, The Hidden Messages of Water, you'll know that the energy you extend to the water you drink can have a huge impact. Think or say loving thoughts, place a sticker on your glass or water bottle that is very positive - like gratitude, love, and harmony. I am a very spiritual person so I do believe in the power of our thoughts and feelings.

I like to put pink Himalayan salt (1 tsp per gallon of water) in my drinking water. There are a lot of benefits to having more (natural) salt in your diet, especially if you are active like I am.

As we get older (and wiser), we want to take very good care of our bodies so that we remain as healthy as we can be. Staying hydrated by drinking your daily intake of water is so important! Challenge yourself to meet your water goals each and every day! You're important! You're so worth it!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I always recommend products I know/love/use. 

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