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Burnt Out Parent? Improve Your Life with the 3 R’s

Parenthood.  It’s glorious and laborious.  It’s oh-so-wonderfully meaningful yet pull-your-hair-out challenging.  If you’re a parent of young children and babies, you’re struggling for adequate sleep and other basic needs.  Parents of older children and adolescents–maybe you’re struggling for balance, a stress-free household, and sanity.  At one point, I had three kids all under five years …

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How to Have a Loving, Long-Lasting, and Successful Marriage

Our elders have a lot to teach us.  Recent research* has uncovered the reasons why long-married couples stay together–and by long-married I mean couples who have been together for 30,40, 50 or more years. What’s their advice for long-lasting love? The Top 5 Tips for Marriage Success 1.  Communicate well. 2.  Work as a team. …

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5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Relationship

When life gets busy, hectic, or stressful, one of the first things to go on the proverbial back burner–besides your self-care–is your relationship.  Taking relationships for granted, thinking they’ll be there when you are less busy, less stressed, less in your head about other things instead of focusing on your relationship with your partner–can be poison.  Everyone has …

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morning rituals

Morning Rituals

When you’re the head of a busy family, your needs often get smushed down to accommodate everyone else’s needs.  Your kids need your attention; your spouse does, too.  Each day presents a challenge:  How can I make it through the day without letting the busyness get to me and my stress level? Can I ask …

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harmony at home

Harmony at Home

Harmony. 1.  agreement; accord; harmonious relations.  2.  a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity (from  Harmony is also used to refer to music; t’s the blending of chords that produces sound that is pleasing to listen to. Harmony at home.  Where individuals in a home create a place that is pleasant to …

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John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success–It’s Not Just for Players

**Hey lovely readers! Did you know there is a more recent post of this article? Read it here: John Wooden’s Pyramid Guide for Women Over 50 Seeking Purpose  Or…read on…because this one (even though it’s almost 10 years since I wrote this, it’s still highly relevant today)…Here we go! I recently watched a Ted Talk …

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Dealing With Criticism and the Haters! The Coach, Critic, Criticism, Corrections, and Critical Assessment

A guest post written by my husband, Don Nenninger. Want to deal with the haters in your life? Have a critic in your family of origin who is always telling you another way to do it better, or why you’re not good enough? Work someplace where criticism is the norm? If any of these are …

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Practicing Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving time!  This time of year in the United States, families look forward to spending time with family and cooking a huge, gigantic, gourmet meal centered around–pie.  No, it’s turkey.  It should be pie, but it’s all about the bird for most families.  Just to go off tangent for a minute–ironically, this is the time …

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couples fighting

It’s Electrifrying! How Some Couple’s Arguments Lead Right to Divorce

You’re in a fight with your partner.  Your heart is racing, your body feels rooted to the floor, and yet you feel like you want to run.  Or, maybe you feel incredibly irritated and you just want to lash out.  When you’re feeling adrenalized, and your fight or flight system is activated, it’s all you …

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How Dr. John Gottman Predicts Divorce

John Gottman and Nan Silver share their research-backed principles for successful marriages in the book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work (1999).   In the book, Gottman and Silver describe the signs they look for that can predict divorce. Their research found the following signs, signs they say predict that couples will ultimately divorce: 1.  a harsh startup …

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Create Your Home Place

How do you define home?  Home is a physical place, but it is also a spiritual, emotional, and psychological place, too.  For many, home means a place of belonging and acceptance.  These feelings are vitally important to the development of identity not only growing up as children, but even into adulthood as well. Home is not necessarily a place, but …

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You Are Here

Have you ever seen a map of a place, and in the middle of it there is a little marker with “YOU ARE HERE” on it?  Sometimes it’s nice to know where you are–like if you’re in a crowded mall, or on a complicated hiking trail. I think the YOU ARE HERE marker is a …

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I’m Not Good Enough

I’m not good enough.  Is that something that crosses your mind a lot?  I would bet that a majority of people who read this article suffer from I’m not good enough.  You may not even be aware of it. I’m not good enough.  It’s a feeling that is pervasive in today’s world.  Want to know how to make …

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Love Defined

Love.  I recently heard a guest on an Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show define love as kindness.  I would also add appreciation for when you appreciate something, you are in a space of love. Love has many nuances to it.  I love my husband, but this love is different than my love for our children …

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choose your thoughts

When Drama Drags You Down

Drama got you down?  Have you ever had one of those weeks–or months–that seems like there’s a situation occurring wherever you turn?  Drama in the family, crisis situation at work–it affects your sleep, your thoughts, your life! When you feel overwhelmed by negativity or stress, one thing that is helpful is to recenter yourself through …

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life purpose

Reordering Your Priorities

As a woman, I know all too well the superwoman feeling of having to do it all.  Let’s see…we’ve got work needs, home needs, personal needs, relationship needs, financial needs, social needs, spiritual needs–Whew!  No wonder work and life responsibilities are hard to balance!  So here’s a question for ya (life coaches and counselors love …

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Moving Past the Pain of Being Rejected by Your Family

“When you meet anyone, treat the event as a holy encounter. It’s through others that we either find or love our self. For you see, nothing is accomplished without others. When you eliminate the concept of separation from your thoughts and your behavior, you begin to feel your connection to everything and everyone.” – Dr. Wayne …

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happiness, be amazing

Be Amazing

Life certainly can hand you some challenges.  Let’s face it:  Sometimes you wonder what the heck you signed up for!  And yet, through it all, at the core of you is a changeless spirit–it’s not suffering, not judging, not doing or being anything but just being what is.  Your core, your essence, or what I …

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Inspirational Quote of the Week–Martha Beck

“Imagine what you’d do if it absolutely didn’t matter what people thought of you. Got it? Good. Never go back.” ~Martha Beck Confidence.  One of the definitions of confidence is the “belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.” (  When you’re confident in yourself and your abilities, you don’t give a …

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life coaching

It Starts with a Question

This week I’ve been studying solution-focused brief therapy and it reminds me a lot of life coaching.  The therapist uses questions to get their clients to focus on solutions, not their problems. They also use a lot of “cheerleading” and they are very positive.  I love the idea of being solution-focused as opposed to problem-focused.  …

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Quote of the Week — There are no Failures

There are no failures—just experiences and your reactions to them. ~Tom Krause When failures occur, often people become flustered, embarrassed, angry–all sorts of emotions surface because of the experience of failure.  But, what if there was no such thing as failure?  What if every challenge, every mistake, every failure was really only a learning opportunity …

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