Look around you and you’ll notice that most people are in a rush.  Hurry up to finish the project at work.  Hurry to get supper on the table.  Hurry to help the kids with their homework.  Hurry to kiss goodbye to your spouse as you rush out the door.  Hurry, hurry, hurry!  This feeling of being rushed and not having enough time is hurting relationships–relationships with your kids, your partner, your family and friends.

This feeling like there is a lack of time creates a pattern of behaviors that have people rushing through things.  You miss out on the moments of life–of being present to wonder, beauty, and love.  Now is the moment that is occurring–not the future, not the past.

When you focus on the Now, you have the opportunity to bring into your space those things that you’ve been rushing through.  Those things that can’t help but enhance the quality of your life–like peace and happiness.

Okay, stop for a moment and breathe in a great big, deep breath.  Breathe in and think of peace.  What would peace feel like in your body right now?   Now breathe out and breathe out your tension with your breath.  Let it go.  Feel the tension leaving your body.  Do this two more times.  How long did that take?  A minute?  Do it again with thoughts and feelings of love.

You have all the time in the world.  Take time to relax and breathe in more empowering thoughts and feelings that will enhance your life.

All this rushing around detracts from your life.  It detracts from the relationship with your partner and with your kids (if you have them).  The quality of time spent is preferable to the quantity of time spent.  You don’t have to have hours/days/months at a time for an immensely satisfying connection.  You can create loving connections in moments.  A smile to your partner as they look at you across the room.  A huge kiss and hug when they come home from work.  Their favorite meal cooked and placed on a table that’s been lovingly set up with your best dinnerware.  Find out what they respond to best (see my article on the Five Love Languages) and incorporate that into your day.  It’s the little things, in the moment, when you’re present, when your intention is to lovingly connect–this creates the backdrop for extraordinary relationships.

Everyone has a need to feel love.  Everyone has a need to feel connected.  Everyone has a need to feel like they matter.  Take time during your day to let your loved ones know they’re loved and they matter.  It doesn’t have to take much time, but it does have to take some time.  People are rushed these days, but they’re rushing about for many of the things that aren’t priorities.

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Nicole Nenninger counselor My passion is to enrich people’s lives by helping them create extraordinary relationships.  I am a certified life coach, have a Master’s degree in psychology, and am a Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate.  I am the author of Transforming Divorce, the Transforming Divorce Workbook, and co-author (with my husband Don Nenninger) of The Secrets of Loving Relationships, and The Art and Science of Parenting:  How to Act When Your Kid’s Acting Out.

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