What Are Your Goals Right Now?

Here’s an all too familiar question that life coaches ask their clients:

What are your goals right now?

It’s a great question because it provides a focus and direction to your life.  Maybe it’s to own a nice house?  Vacation in Europe?  Drive a luxury car?  Meet your soul mate?  Work from home?  Have a really fantastic, loving relationship?

I bet you have wonderful goals.  By the way, as a spiritual person, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to have lots of money to do the things that light you up. It just adds to the fun in your life–and I think life should be fun!

A majority of people can name at least one goal they’d like to reach.  Fill in the blanks:

It’d be great someday if I can have______________or do_________________or be_____________________.

After you set your goals, you set up a timeline and steps to achieve your goals.  Then, you take action.  However, many coaches miss this question when it comes to goal-setting.

reaching goalsNext question:  How do you want to feel? This is also an important question that needs to be answered.  Flash forward to when you have reached your goal.  How do you feel?  How will it feel to live in the house of your dreams?  To be working at your dream job?  Or when you meet your soul mate?  What will that be like for you?

What people really want is the feeling they get when they reach their goal.

Maybe it’s a feeling of peace. Or it could be happiness, love, wholeness, or relaxation from stress.

Think about this:  You already have the ability to experience all of these feelings–right now!

Even if things are crazy around you, you can be like the eye of the hurricane.  Just observe from your place of being without judgement, without stress, worry, or anger–without any kind of reaction save for curiosity maybe.  At any given moment you can go within.  You can feel peaceful any time you want.  You can feel happy any time you want.  You can feel excited about life any time you want.  This is your choice, and this is your freedom to experience any feeling you want.

You are free when you recognize you have a choice about how you think and how you feel.

How do you want to feel?

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