Where Do You Want to Go?

Where do you want to go? That question came up recently during one of my workouts. Let me explain…

One of the ways I get super motivated is to listen to motivational recordings. I love to listen to podcasts- particularly ones that have a host who interviews successful people. I listen to the podcasts when I work out and they’ve become a welcome motivational partner to keep me going and inspire me well after the workout high ends. Plus, I usually learn something or see something in a different light. Gotta love those aha moments! 

I’m not the only one who listens to podcasts to get their daily dose of motivation! A lot of people listen to a podcast during their commute, downtime while waiting for an appointment, or in the morning or night to start or end the day on a higher, more inspired note. 

My favorite podcast at the moment is Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness. He’s had some interesting guests on and he’s fantastic at relating to and interviewing people. His authenticity and genuine interest in others is one of the factors that keeps me engaged and coming back to find out what’s new. He could be a therapist- his demeanor is meant for that!

Many of his show recordings are about what made his guests successful. What did it take to get successful (by the way, there’s all different kinds of ways to define success, here)? There’s a theme that I’ve noticed that his guests have in common: they’re focused and driven toward their vision.

If you were to ask people what their vision was, a majority would answer something like this: “What are you talking about?” or “I don’t have a vision,” or “I wish I knew what it was.” Having a vision is just like plugging in the address of your destination into a GPS – you have to put in your destination first so that the GPS can do its job and get you there.

Lewis Howes’ guests had a vision in mind. They had a destination. Their vision steered them toward their future. They may have struggled sometimes, they may have lost their way temporarily, but their vision pulled them along. It’s having trust that things will work out because there’s a bigger purpose that is pulling them out of mediocrity and comfortableness and into their greatness. They don’t settle, they don’t give up; they continue on seeing their vision come to life. So my question to you is, in any area of your life:

What is your vision? Where do you want to go?

Where are you headed if you continue to think the same things, feel the same way, and do the same ol’ same ol’?

Create a vision of yourself in the future that is so compelling, it can’t help but move you in the direction of an amazing future. A future filled with an abundance of love and a zest for life! What does that look like to you? What’s it feel like? Pretty exciting, right? Make you smile a little? Light up a little fire in you? What’s your vision for your relationship? If you are in one, do you and your partner talk together about each of your dreams? And how about how you view your relationship? Where do you want to go? If you’re not in a relationship but would like to be in one, what is your vision of a healthy, happy one?

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