life coachThe Wheel of Life — Be Your Own Life Coach and Design Your Own Life

The Wheel of Life–Be Your Own Life Coach and Design Your Own (Amazing!) Life e-book is based one of the most popular coaching tools today. In this e-book Nicole Nenninger helps you design the life of your dreams. You’ll cover areas like your career, relationships, money + finances, health, personal growth and more! It’s like having your very own coach right in the comfort of your home–at an extremely affordable price! 30 pages jam-packed with years of coaching experience, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises, and motivation to take your life to the next level.

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relationship advice

Create Your Relationship Vision

When couples get married, they often focus so much on the wedding day that neither partner focuses on the marriage itself. If you don’t have a vision of your relationship, you won’t know where to go or how to create an extraordinary, loving, and long-lasting relationship. Learn how you and your partner can create a vision of your relationship so you can have clarity on what’s most important to you two, what your ultimate goals are, and achieve alignment and agreement on those things that matter most to you.  19 pages.

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