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If you are not feeling wealthy, it is easy to slip into worry about your financial situation.  Living above your means or paycheck to paycheck may be a reality; but becoming stressed, overwhelmed, or complaining about the situation does not help!  In fact, it makes matters worse.

When you find yourself thinking dreadful thoughts about your finances, switch your thoughts to the abundance that is already in your life.  And, start thinking of ways to find a solution to your problem.  What is something you can do differently so that the stress you feel does not become overwhelming or harmful to your health?  Could you get another job?  Go back to school?   Sacrifice something?  Ask someone for help?  Downsize?

Have faith; trust that all will be taken care of.  In the meantime, instead of becoming stressed, do something about your situation.  Doing the same thing over and over again produces the same results.  Doing something differently will produce something different.  You aren’t going to know how different or better it will be until you try.

Have you felt overwhelmed or stressed because of finances?  Has the economy been hard on you?  Do you feel things are looking up now?