Tapping Into Your Potential

How can the self-help and personal development field help you to:

  • be happy
  • deal positively with emotions such as anger and sadness
  • love yourself
  • create loving relationships
  • use effective goal-setting techniques
  • be successful and wealthy
  • define YOUR best life?

You can get this information by immersing yourself in books or the computer, going to workshops, following the latest guru, hiring a therapist or life coach, or on your own by taking inspired action in the direction of your dreams.  The ability to live your best life is available to every single one of us, but how many people have you met that are doing just that:  Living the life of their dreams?  Never mind the people you see on tv or in magazines–how many people have you encountered in your day-to-day existence that are happy, successful, and are living an abundant and authentic life?

At some point, all of us will meet our mortal deadline.  We may not know when we’ll depart this world, but we all have a date in the future when we’ll no longer be on this plane of existence.  In the meantime, we are given ample amounts of time to do whatever it is that will create a wonderful life for us–full of meaning, contentment, connection, contribution, fun, happiness, abundance, and success–defined by us.  So what are you doing with your time that moves you closer to your best life?  Every day you have a chance to move forward–to live your best life!–through the choices that you make.  What choices are you making that enhance the quality of your life?

It’s much easier to see where other people have made mistakes (which are really only learning opportunities in disguise), and much harder to see where we might have gotten off track.  This requires an honest look at where you are and where you’d like to go.  Do you have a focus and goals, or are you just “winging it?”

Are you learning from life’s challenges, or are you stuck or defined by them?

What action can you start taking today that will bring you one step closer to your best life?  Because if you aren’t moving toward your best life, you’re moving toward something. Chances are that something isn’t quite what you had in mind.

Embarking on the personal development and self help path doesn’t mean you have to make immediate, drastic, and massive change. It can be small, continuous changes that set you on your path to your best life.  It’s hard work only if you view it that way.  In the meantime, life goes by–it’s not waiting for you to take action–that’s up to you.


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