Life Coaching and Personal Development-The Spiritual Rebirth

Well….the fear of every computer user became a reality. According to my web host they were supposed to back up daily, weekly, and monthly-except they didn’t. And my IT husband, who works really hard to maintain these sites deleted a file, didn’t have the back up and….well, today the site is reborn.  Featured posts before this one are from our other site,  Here’s to a blank slate, a new canvas, and the chance to do it all over again–but even better!  What would you like to see more of?  What are your concerns, thoughts, inspirations, and motivations?

10 thoughts on “Life Coaching and Personal Development-The Spiritual Rebirth”

  1. I think it’d be cool to see creative ways to deal with mental stress–like using a creative outlet to work through your emotional problems.

    1. Awesome idea! Thanks for the feedback! I think of stress as affecting our whole selves–body, mind + spirit. Hmmm…I’m already thinking about the next post!

  2. I think I’d be a little devastated if my files up and disappeared. But, here’s to new beginnings. I love motivational and inspirational pieces. More of that and personal development is always great.

    1. Thanks Andrea for the feedback. I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d be–I look at it as a chance to start over. I spent hours writing at least 100 articles, but I figure there’s more where that came from. Ironically, I started a Marriage and Family Therapy program on Monday which means less time to devote to the site.

    1. AJ–I’m embarrassed to admit I have Dropbox, but I didn’t take the time to save any of my articles–except the ones on other sites like Lesson learned! I look at this as an opportunity to start anew.

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